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  1. Any idea when the application will go online ?
  2. Well it doesn’t matter anyway, from the verbiage they used on tumblr, there isn’t going to be any “major changes”. So as much as I would like for them to revise their admissions criteria, at least for the MC/MPA, it won’t happen. I didn’t mean to hijack your post. Go about talking about the MPA/ID program
  3. So even though with Covid 19, they still want people to take it with the exception of the online program. Is that new or did they always have that ?
  4. “The Admissions Committee continues to engage in the planning process for the upcoming cycle, but we still have more work ahead of us before we make the application available. Although the application is not yet available and all of our policies for the coming cycle have not been finalized, the goal of this series is to help you get a head start in your planning and preparation. As policies are finalized and we get a better idea of when the online application will be available, I will post updated entries in this series.” -HKS really ? We’re in mid September and they still haven’t finalized admission requirements? Harvard College and Business School finalized their requirements months ago.
  5. https://otherwords.org/standardized-tests-are-biased-and-unhelpful/ here I won’t copy and paste the whole article like you did. You could’ve had one if you ended the conversation a post ago instead of pasting an opinion article. Btw, I did awful on the SAT (bottom quartile) and graduated with a 3.8 GPA from a top state school and have two successful careers currently. They predict nothing for some people
  6. And not to get political (although MPA/MPP programs get political) but I see all this protesting about cops and systemic racism and all the crap they get. You know what’s systemic racism? Standardized tests
  7. One year though ? I like your comparison though, would a B.S thesis be a Doctor S book then ?
  8. i was simply asking a question, they haven’t updated anything on the website or their tumblr (which I don’t even know why they use tumbler being with how unprofessional it is). People here have gotten inside info before it’s made public, which is why I aske
  9. What a nasty comment. I see you favor that they keep it in place
  10. My masters is going to have a thesis. What’s the failure rate typically? And, well, I think standardized tests are outdated (Harvard HKS is the only mid career program that I know requires it still) and as for the work experience one, one year really can’t make that much of a difference
  11. Did HKS update any of their gre policies?
  12. Well the PhD is in a subject that I care about a lot. I tried doing what you stated, they (Princeton Admissions) looked at my resume and they said you’re not ready yet. In another year yes but not now. Which is stupid, I have to wait another year now
  13. I’m in a tough situation and I need all the help I can get. I’m in my late 20s and graduated from college 5 years ago with two science majors. I’ve been working two government jobs one part time and one full in fields completely unrelated to my studies. I’ve been in contact with a professor from a school who’s work really interests me and he’d like to take me on as a MS student and eventually walk into their PhD program part time in earth and environmental sciences. He would like for me to start this upcoming spring. On the other end, my job will send me away for one year and pay me to get a MPP at Princeton. Problem is that the program requires 7 years of work experience which I don’t have yet. I can apply to the program next year but I’ve been putting off going back to school for years now. What should I do? Should I go to Princeton first and then go to the other school for a second masters? My job really doesn’t give me anything for the earth and environmental sciences masters. Just 18 leave days that I can’t even apply to for the spring (they only issue them to people starting in the fall). Any suggestions?
  14. Looks like it’s Princeton’s MPP for me.
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