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  1. As did someone in my office. Good luck all.
  2. Yup I wouldn't worry either. If things haven't been updated by early January I would follow up with an email. Good luck to everyone and have a great Christmas break - no point worrying now, it's out of your hands
  3. WWS alum here... I would recommend writing from personal experience, on a topic you have professional experience with and most importantly, focus on the POLICY side. Basically here's a problem, here are the considerations, here's how we deal with it with these policy recommendations. Caveat if you have to, but you're arguing for a course of action, not writing an academic "all things considered" paper. I just pulled my policy memo from the application out and the formatting sucked, but it had decent structure and some linking problems to solutions. If you can, summarize your recs too a
  4. WWS cares about public service, not just grades or quant skills. I'm living proof you don't need to be an econ major to get in!
  5. I currently have two papers to finish plus a take home final and my motivation is somewhere pretty far south of non-existent. The job question looms pretty large and has resulted in almost complete apathy now that I've finished my final qualifying exam. If only I could somehow enter a fugue-state and come out the other side with 15 pages written...
  6. Hmmmm. It's only just been password protected, it wasn't when I originally posted that. I'm guessing they're working on updating it?
  7. I would recommend submitting as a PDF and staying within the page limit at a reasonable/readable font size without insanely small margins. Length is apparent if you go ridiculously over while reading, otherwise I think content matters more than +/- 10% word limit.
  8. Any of the above options are fine! I would say maybe speak from your own personal/work experience as much as possible as then you can try and bring your own unique perspective to bear. I would also recommend checking this out: http://wwsadmissionsblog.com/2013/11/12/are-you-a-competitive-applicant-for-graduate-study-at-the-woodrow-wilson-school/ Make sure you emphasize how you are committed to public service and can demonstrate that from your work/personal life.
  9. American University give out a couple of full scholarships, and GWU (while very picky) do also give nuts funding to some folks.
  10. In the past people have just done school-specific threads, I think that's probably better than sub-forums. Very few questions are actually going to be school specific (fin-aid, class choice, professors, culture, living situation) and a lot can be found out from searching past-threads as well. I think actual sub-forums would dilute, rather than enhance discussion.
  11. For WWS I know GRE scores are just part of the wider package, and if you're truly an outstanding admit GRE score matters less than other factors such as work experience and demonstrated commitment to public service.
  12. Jobs for which government? US or foreign?
  13. Just FYI for anyone planning to apply to both HKS and WWS... Annoyingly HKS and WWS reverse their program's names for their degrees. At WWS – the MPA is the regular 2yr masters program, MPP is the 1yr mid-career professional program. We had quite a few folks misapply with us for the MPP last year.
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