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  1. Hi all, Follow up question for alums from George Mason: what degree are programs focused on federal government?? I understand its assumed with DC but looking for balance in public/ngo sector career/state and local policy. Much appreciated!
  2. Just to follow up: for Harris alumni what was your experience?? I thought it was interesting that this year i noticed the admissions staff did not respond to one of my emails. Then after another staff scheduled a meeting with me, she emailed me again to introduce herself. While its high season now, seems consistent to what was said up there, even 7 years later. Seems they may cast a wide net to fill such a big program, which would still be consistent with goals of cash cow. On the up side, they have reached out more than any school, and I'm on the west coast..
  3. Based on what I understand MPP, you are on target, especially if you want to be an analyst of sorts for media, or report around anything policy related. I can definitely relate and have questions on this too. I want to work as consultant/aid applied researcher in NgO and program evaluation, not necessarily policy, yet I believe policy is a big factor in supporting the work I want to do, and manifests decisions between practice and theory. Im struggling with imposter syndrome (sounds like you may be too) since I don't want to directly work in politics, yet amongst applied research in so
  4. Hi, I recommend comparing core coursework & whats recently offered, and look at what faculty are doing/publishing/focusing on. I dont know enough about Yale's program to comment specifically. I would say they are generally different in that MPP is generally more analytical & quantitative than some IR pr public affairs programs. That said, there are still many MPPs that also may have more focused context area, such as International/global development policy, or offer the ability to take programs in other specific policy areas. If you are more interested in performing an
  5. Im only guessing as I have no background in admissions, just tons of experience-- YES it does matter. I imagine all public information should matter to competitive schools. Its better to not have one at all than have one that looks incomplete or shows a different picture. I would definitely include your research projects and roles, but more importantly submit a professional CV. I also recommend getting some volunteer experience, and listing volunteer roles, showing that you are involved in community, particularly relating to your subject if possible.
  6. I will be taking it! Not sure if I will send my scores yet to the schools that are optional. I am under the impression I can choose where scores get sent after, and in some cases, and since my GPA is on the lower side (3.0) and I dont have many quant courses, I need a quant score that will show some capability of statistics and rigorous analysis for MPP coursework (both in the program and after).
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