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  1. Hi! Thank you for answering me. I know... I wanted it to be a book, I have seen a whole thesis published by Routledge, but I do not think a publishing house like that would notice me. I am just in a university in SEA. Can I submit several parts of it instead? My thesis can be divided into several parts, each with conclusion. I think what I should do now is to practice trimming my papers. My adviser allowed me with that length and gave me 4.0 for it, but we actually have a maximum of 9,000 words excluding the references... Now my question is about what reviewers of GS applications
  2. Those with low grades who get into an Ivy League for GS have high positions in their organizations. But you would not know unless you try. I suggest getting a good job if you do not feel that you are already competitive enough.
  3. Hi, I have a paper related to political psychology and communication, but it has 170 pages (single-spaced and TNR 12). Do you have recommendations on where I should submit it? A program at UT of Austin requires the submission of research papers, and I hope it gets published before submission.
  4. Hi, I am not from India but my degree has a duration of three years. I was allowed to apply for Fall 2020 in the US. I hope this helps!
  5. Hi! I recently built up my LinkedIn account after I observed that successful applicants in a particular school have a well-established LinkedIn profile. I just made it in case the faculty reviewers would search it. Here's my first question, does LinkedIn matter in the application process? Regarding the content of my profile, I do not have work yet, but I have several on-going research works. Should I include it in my application and LinkedIn profile? It would very much help to hear tips on my online visibility. Thank you!
  6. Hi, @Riverbender. May I know the schools where you are applying? I would love to exchange my SOP with applicants and hear feedback! Thank you.
  7. Hi, does it matter if a school email me to reapply? It was automated. But a GA before urged me to apply again. Do schools remove your email from their contacts? They stopped emailing for two months after I received my final decision. Thank you.
  8. Hi, everyone. I cannot get a direct answer from the school. But may I ask if I need to submit a recommendation letter to the University of Queensland? May I also ask about the T50 graduate schools in public administration and mass communication in the US? Can someone share the schools that no longer require GRE and recommendation letters? How will this affect the application process? I am applying for Spring/Fall 2021. Thoughts on Claremont Graduate School, anyone? I want to know about their financial aid for international students. Thank you.
  9. I appreciate the straight-forward response, pushing him away pains me, but I need to move on. I will just focus on finishing my research. Thank you.
  10. Yes, he only talks to me when it's convenient for him. But he keeps on coming back. I was alright and channeling all my effort to finish my research because I will present it in graduate school. But when he came back, I keep thinking about him, and the way I pushed him through what he called "cold words." He said, "there is no point for all of this if that is your mindset," after I said, "you will just leave me." He started explaining why he's busy and said, " I care for the family [of my bosses]." He also has his parents and brothers to support, and I don't think I'll ever be his priority.
  11. Hi, I just want to share. I had no problem with a romantic relationship when I read this before. My ex recently came back, and it felt like he is now ready for commitment. He even asked me if he could visit me in the province. It is too far, and I think that would be a great effort. I also feel like he wants to meet my parents. But I refused. He talked to me, thinking that I already graduated, but I am still refining my thesis. He got into graduate school while working. I do not want to bother him, so I distanced myself. I am also worried that he was lying about committing because h
  12. Hi. Can someone outline the benefits of attending law school versus graduate school in mass communication, political science, and public administration? Thank you.
  13. I think you just forced yourself into that offer. But you need to think carefully about declining it. The economic crisis arising from the pandemic does have an impact on educational institutions. If you do not have a full scholarship, consider this. Out of state and international students might shoulder the financial loss of schools after the pandemic, similar to what happened after the 2008 global economic crisis. Weigh the pros and cons, especially the financial impact of that program. You can reflect on the following questions: Will you have a better job opportunity in that field?
  14. It is a good thing that you shared your worries here. I also think that you made the right choice. It's not about the prestige of school that matters. It's what you do and what you will choose to do with your degree. I am not sure of the pandemic restrictions in Hawaii. But that place is lovely. You can go to the beach or go hiking when you feel stressed about your decisions. Look at the ocean and relax. Do yoga in your free time in graduate school. Refrain from listening to negative people. The fact that those schools admitted you mean you are competent in what you have done in the past
  15. You just gave me a good idea. It would be a suitable topic for research if we can get other variables (literacy rate, GDP, GNP, or investments). I hope I can proceed to graduate school next year. Perhaps you can research with me? I have a reliable connection to people in two developing countries. And I have been researching for years in my undergraduate and senior year in high school.
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