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  1. RT @Dariormrs: "No entienden que no entienden". La PGR rompe el acuerdo con el GIEI sobre el nueve peritaje. La vergüenza continúa https://…

  2. Thanks to the @BlueJays for an incredible season #ComeTogether
  3. RT @terceraviamx: Las prioridades del gobierno mexicano son muy claras http://t.co/1b18YjsuDK
  4. @regismuggen https://t.co/5BW2jXh6Nf
  5. Journalism schools outside US

    Thanks a lot Gwen, very helpful.
  6. MPA or MPP for Journalism.

    Hey MAB1980, what a coincidence. Seems to me we are looking for the same programs. I've found a couple of joint degrees that may interest you: 1. NYU Journalism Global-Joint Program in International Relations (Arthur L. Carter Institute of Journalism); 2. The Elliot School's program in Global Communications; 3. American University's SIS-Journalism and Public Affairs joint program, and 4. the Public Diplomacy joint MS/MA degree program at Syracuse that OregonGal mentioned. Of course some Journalism masters have courses in politics or international reporting. Let me know if you if you've found something else and good luck.
  7. MPA or MPP for Journalism.

    Thanks a lot OregonGal, I've researched a couple of Joint Degrees and found some very interesting options.
  8. Hello all, What J-schools should an aspiring journalist look into if he/she wants to study outside the US? I've heard of Carleton and U of British Columbia, but are they any good? Thanx
  9. Hello all, I'm not going to bore you with my life story, basically, I'm a lawyer (4 years prof. experience + 4 years as intern in various law firms) looking to study an MPA-MPP (depending on the school), but my goal is to get a job in media (hopefully a serious magazine like Foreign Affairs, The Economist, Time, etc.) and write/investigate. Am I aiming at the wrong target? Should I study a Masters in Journalism instead? Is there anybody out here with similar goals? Thanks to all.
  10. Employment Prospects- MPP

    My 2 cents on this issue, and take note that I don't have any consulting experience. @dollarninetynine, your advice isn't that great either. You told OP that his chances of actually getting into a top MPP program were very small, yet he did get into a pretty good one. You insist that his main problem is the lack of marketable skills, yet you only know that he dropped out of a TTT and has no prior consulting experience, but ¿what about his soft skills?, ¿what about the "indirect" skills that may get him noticed, even a little bit? your opinion is based on a few pieces of information that OP has given to you. Honestly, telling him that he DOES NOT HAVE CHANCE of getting into private sector is a generalized and poorly based opinion. I understand your argument and think you may be right about the difficulties OP may face when trying to get into top level consulting firms, but this does not mean you know him or can properly assess his skills. Would you give advice on a particular investment solely based on a couple of google searches? I think/hope not. Yes, you are being honest and maybe even realistic, but still, your opinion has shifted from your original posts, you began with "slim chances", and now your are telling OP that he may very well give up and try something else. Unfortunately, OP, your road ahead will be extremely difficult, you may have to shift some of your expectations or be open to other options, but that does not mean it will be impossible. Regarding employment statistics, $1.99, is right, private-sector has the lowest hiring percent, even at top level programs. My 2 cents.
  11. fenderpete, thank you for the answer, I will be applying for Fall 2013 so I still have some time.
  12. Hello everyone, I want to thank OP and everyone else who take the time to read our "am I eligible" posts. I am a lawyer (almost 3 years as a licensed attorney) but my interests are pushing me into an international affairs career. Profile: Graduation: Law, Universidad Iberoamericana (top 5 in Mexico) CGPA 87.3/100 (3.49/4) GMAT : Still to take it. Experience : 2.5 years in corporate, administrative and financial law (2 years as an intern and 6 months as a licensed attorney in 2 of Mexico's best (local) law firms), 1 year intern in administrative litigation, 3 years in one of the best constitutional and human rights litigation firms in Mexico (2 years as a licensed attorney, 1 year as intern) and 8 months as intern in a criminal law litigation firm. International experience: Studied 5 months in Leiden Law as exchange student, and 1 year of high school in Ireland. Relevant experience: I guess dealing with constitutaional litigation included heavy international law research Nationality: Mexican Community service: Part time for 2 years. Free legal clinic and legal support and women's rights education for impoverished women in rural mexico (heartbreaking experience). I am looking into the following programs: Fletcher AU (SIS) LSE/Sciences Po Geneva (G.I.) And if I manage to get some economics courses under my belt: SIPA Princeton (SPIA) Gtown. and some others. I still have to take the GRE which will be an important point to consider, but this is what I've got so far. Thank you all and good luck with your applications. Juan