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  1. If something feels like the better fit, and is cheaper. Then that should be all you need!
  2. Curious what you ended up doing?
  3. Anyone have any sense of what the admission rate was this year? Asking purely out of vain.
  4. How would this increase your chances of aid?
  5. What makes you say it was worlds better than the Columbia open house?
  6. So where are you deciding to enroll (or not enroll)
  7. My appeal was rejected but I also didn’t receive any funding in the first place and received a generic email back about no more first year funding being available, which is a bit frustrating since they hardly even read my email. I know it was generic because I’m doing a dual degree and thus won’t be eligible for the second year funding (part of my appeal) but in their response they mentioned the second year funding opportunities.
  8. Yes this makes sense. I didn't receive any funding so they're probably less in need of hearing back from me since I don't effect their accounting numbers as much. I'm looking to be a dual-degree student with another school at Columbia (who offered me a generous scholarship) so I will only be at SIPA for the first year, and I am hoping to use my ineligibility for any second year funding (which they love to tout) and my current scholarship offer from the other school at Columbia (which is only eligible if I enroll this fall at that program) as the 'leverage.' So we'll see what happens. Hop
  9. Yeah, as long as they read it by Monday maybe they'll have some leeway. What is the April 15 Deadline you're referring to? I've heard someone else mention that as their deadline whereas on my admission letter they merely said I have to respond and deposit to secure my place by May 1st. I'm an MIA admit FWIW>
  10. Uh oh, what was the Friday deadline? Wanted to attend another open house before I sent an appeal in and that was on Friday so sending on by Monday but wasn't aware there was another deadline for making an appeal...
  11. Gah, sorry to hear it! And apologies for all future applicants who read this thread and fret over what it means for them...
  12. I don't know much about those since I only applied to Columbia and it's dual-degree offering. But as far as I know it's a shorter program (1 year vs. 2 years) and far and away has the most cache/prestige. So if you got a full ride to what would seem like the already best choice then I would think it's a clear decision! So I'm curious what makes you feel better at CUNY and what you prefer about NYU's program? Not trying to say you should do Columbia over those by any means just wonder what you like about them since clearly they have you interested.
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