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  1. Yeah it does suck. Now I have the difficult decision of UCSB Bren or Duke Nicholas. Cost of attendance is about the same for me. My heart tells me UCSB but my head tells me Duke. Where are you and everyone else going this fall?
  2. In a sea of MPP, MPA and MIA discussions, I hope this helps future Environmental Policy and Management applications. Program Applied To: (MPA, MPP, IR, etc.) and Schools Applied To: MPA-ESP (Columbia SIPA), MEM (Yale FES, Duke Nicholas), MESM (UCSB Bren), MPP (UCSD GPS), MA in Global Environmental Policy (American SIS), MA in Environmental Resource Policy (GWU Trachtenberg), MGP Environmental Policy (Boston Pardee)Schools Admitted To: Columbia SIPA ($15k), Duke Nicholas ($10k per year), UCSB Bren ($0), UCSD GPS (full-tuition), American SIS ($0), GWU Trachtenberg ($0), Boston Pardee ($22.
  3. @sara501 @hakunamatata1 I was poking around the UCSB Bren site and realized this: "If an applicant is selected for a Recruitment Fellowship, that person will be notified of this at the same time he or she is notified of admittance into the program." Does this mean that we did not receive funding at all?
  4. I also received two years of in-state tuition and fees, but I am an out-of-state applicant. I would email them for clarification. I would but I'm most likely declining the offer. Good luck!
  5. Has anyone heard from Bren on funding yet? Do you think we'll expect something in the next two days? I'm on the verge of emailing them.
  6. Thank you @mapiau for the detailed response. I think the newness of the MPP program is a concern for me that I won't be able to get over. I feel extremely privileged to have been awarded full-funding, but I have offers from other programs that suit my goals better. Am I insane to turn down a full-ride?
  7. I am about to decline my offer to the MPA-ESP and I can't believe I am about to say no to Columbia. It's been a dream school of mine for a while now but I just can't justify the cost for a 1-year program. I can't imagine the burden of a two-year program. I received aid of $15,000 so I hope it goes to someone who would benefit from it more than I would.
  8. This is exactly the thread I need at the moment. Thanks for starting it OP. Coming from: 5 years of professional experience in public relations and 2 years of volunteer experience with a climate policy group in Southeast Asia. Looking to get into international climate change and energy policy, and to pick up data analysis skills. Deciding between: Duke Nicholas School, MEM (~20% tuition ); UCSB Bren School, MESM (still waiting for funding info); UCSD GPS, MPP (full tuition) Other factors: Duke is my #1 choice but the most expensive so I was quite disappointed at getting
  9. Hey thanks for taking the time. I was wondering if you could shed some light on how strong the energy / environmental specialization is at GPS. For some context, I got an admit to the MPP program with full funding, and I’m looking at a career in climate change policy. I also got admits to UCSB Bren and Duke Nicholas. I am trying to weigh the pros and cons between a program that is dedicated to environmental management/energy vs. a broader MPP, with a specialization in energy/environment. UCSB and Duke are my top choices, but I can’t ignore a full ride offer from UCSD so I’m looking to lea
  10. Duke's funding info is out. I received an offer of $10,000 for my first year, that is renewable for the second year with good academic standing. Can't say I'm not slightly disappointed. I was hoping for it to be a little higher. Did anyone else get funding info?
  11. Holy crap I just got the same email too! Full funding for the MPP. This is going to make my decision extremely difficult now.
  12. Rejected from Yale FES, kinda bummed. But accepted to UCSB Bren just a couple hours later! Now gotta get funding info from Bren and Duke Nicholas then it’s time to make a decision! Anyone else with news to share?
  13. I submitted Yale FES on Dec 15 and Bren on Jan 5. I’ve been checking the status page for both every day!
  14. I haven’t received anything yet and this is making me anxious. I’m only waiting on Yale FES and Bren right now and I’ve seen people receive admits to both schools already. Is it normal for decisions from one school to go out gradually over a couple weeks? I would have thought that all decisions would go out at the same time.
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