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  1. It's April 15. Simple question, simple answer: where have you committed to? I committed to the Master of Public Affairs program at the LBJ School at the University of Texas - Austin. I may try and do a double degree with the Community & Regional Planning program in the Architecture school after my first year. PS. If you are waiting to the very last second to decide and need advice, here's the thread for you!
  2. My final update after they all came in! I've ended up going with the LBJ School at UT-Austin. Program Applied To: (MPA, MPP, IR, etc.) MPP; MPAff.Schools Applied To: Harvard (Kennedy, MPP); UC Berkeley (Goldman, MPP); USC (Price, MPP); UT-Austin (LBJ, MPAff); UCLA (Luskin, MPP); George Washington (Trachtenberg, MPP); The New School (Milano, MPP).Schools Admitted To: USC (with half-tuition); UT-Austin (negotiated half-tuition); The New School (with 75% tuition); UCLA.Schools Rejected From: George Washington (Trachtenberg, MPP); Harvard (Kennedy, MPP); UC Berkeley (Goldman, MPP)Still Wai
  3. Well, given I'm the original poster, I should close the loop I guess! A lot of soul-searching, discussions with my wife, dialogue and negotiations with USC and UT-Austin, working out logistics around our impending green cards/moving/baby on the way - and finally a decision! We're going to move to Texas and I'm going to do the MPAff at the LBJ School. We both liked the idea and costs of living in Austin more than LA, with a growing family and a dog there is more space in the rental market, UT were really responsive and have offered me a lot of flexibility with my complicated si
  4. OK, so here's my story: Got a 50% tuition offer from USC, a 75% tuition offer from The New School, and offers from UT-Austin and UCLA with no financial incentives. I reached out to all except TNS asking about the possibility of increased funding. UCLA never replied, USC looked into it but said no more than what was offered, and UT just got back to me with a 50% fellowship offer. I did it all by email, was very matter of fact, and UT asked to see the other offers, which I was able to do. 1/3 in negotiations is not bad, and now I'll be able to get my MPAff for around $20k, which i
  5. I haven't asked them yet. My wife is broaching a possible move with her work which is now our preference, so I'm going to raise deferment with USC and Texas next week. I did reach out to both USC and Texas to negotiate funding, but have not heard back from either yet, so 🤷‍♂️
  6. I would say this about CMU: their work in the urban planning/design space, which has an enormous bearing on what you are considering doing, is absolutely top notch. I would make sure to ask them if you can take classes with the urban design school, or even if a double degree is an option. It's seriously cutting edge stuff.
  7. I suspect they're doing it like GWU did: good news first, bad news later. It's fairly insane that they haven't got them all out yet when I think pretty much every other school has by now. I've basically crossed them off my list for consideration now unless they offer me a free ride.
  8. I think Goldman is a slam dunk for what you want to do. Columbia's bread and butter is health or international affairs policy, whereas Berkeley's reputation is more along the lines of your background/future. Like me you have comms experience, but you're not going to grad school to do journalism (otherwise you would be!), so don't get sucked in by the prospect of some journalism electives to teach you a subject you already know a bit about.
  9. Good question. I am going to approach both schools this week to ask about the process and mechanisms, and what it would mean for USC re: funding. Of course. Michigan was your top pick and they are ponying up for a free ride? Get on the horse and take that ride.
  10. Forgot to mention, of your offers I visited three last year: GWU, UT and USC. All three went up in my estimation after visiting, and all three were programs I ended up applying to. GWU: - Very central in DC, a city I used to live in and love - Doesn't feel very campus-y, if that makes sense. Feels more like the NYC colleges in lower Manhattan which blend in with the rest of the city, as opposed to USC and UT which are very much their own environment - Their big advantage is proximity and ties to the DC institutions. Internships and job opportunities in federal or DC govern
  11. Hey! Seems like we had a lot of target programs/offers that were similar. I'd say this about timing/funding: your offers aren't going to be better in the future, and if you're using a grad program to advance your career and presumably earn more money down the line, the earlier you make that investment, the better. The odds of getting a full ride anywhere in the calibre of schools you've applied to is low, and you did well to get the financial offers you did - I'd take it. In terms of your offers, approach it from a process of elimination. Narrowing the field is going to make it easie
  12. Like many around here, I've got some tough decisions to make over the next month, so now almost all of the acceptances/rejections have come out (*shakes fist at UCLA Luskin*) I thought I'd start a thread where folks can post what schools they are deciding between and what circumstances they are considering, as well as any other factors that are being considered. I'll lead off: Coming from: New York, NY Deciding between: USC (Price School), MPP - 50% tuition UT-Austin (LBJ School), MPAff - No $$ The New School (Milano School), MPUP - 75% tuition Other factors: We
  13. Got knocked back. Well done to those who got offers!
  14. I think there are fewer posts because many of us read last year’s thread and so we know the timing and aren’t as anxious because we’re not playing as much of a guessing game - which is good!
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