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  1. Does anyone know how likely it is to get an RA/TA-ship? Pretty disappointed in the financial aid offer.
  2. Accepted! Congratulations to all others! Is financial aid following shortly? Maybe tomorrow?
  3. Just got in as well! Congrats to everyone else! Eager to get the official letter and hopefully funding info?
  4. Wondering the same. I got an offer from Berkeley but it only has a small stipend for the first year. They mention assistantships as an option for funding, so I'm trying to figure out if Chicago would offer the same or if it'd be as likely for me to get one.
  5. I wouldn't count on it. I'm thinking Friday.
  6. Same! So happy! Hopefully I can use my other offers as leverage. Anyone know if they negotiate very much?
  7. Hi, yep! Sorry, should've clarified! I realized right after posting that this was the case. Were they ranked in policy analysis in prior years? If so, what do you think prompted the change?
  8. So, I know in past years, the text above the Admissions and Financial Aid buttons on the portal disappeared. Mine is still there. Curious if it has disappeared for anyone?
  9. Same! I'm just here totally distracted from work. Checking my email over and over again. It was really hard to make it through the weekend! We're so close, though! We can do this!
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