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  1. worldleader2018

    Roll call: where are you going?

    I've committed to SIPA and can't wait to kickstart the year.
  2. worldleader2018

    Open House Impressions

    Did anyone here attend the SIPA Open House? Any comments from that?
  3. worldleader2018

    Columbia SIPA 2019

    I am nearly set on attending Columbia. Looking forward to it based on more research I've done. Anyone leaning toward a yes here?
  4. worldleader2018

    Tips on Negotiating Offers

    I tried to email SIPA but they asked me to fill out an appeal form that won't be reivewed until after the offer acceptance date. That's not particularly helpful in the decision making process....any other advice with SIPA?
  5. worldleader2018

    HKS 2019

    Rejected Devestated...
  6. worldleader2018

    HKS 2019

    This is officially the last MPP decision I'm waiting for. 24 hours to go.
  7. worldleader2018

    Ford 2019

    Got my acceptance just now!
  8. worldleader2018

    Tips on Negotiating Offers

    Does anyone have any tips or tricks on how to best approach negotiating offers between programs? What has worked for you? Do you reference funding recieved by other schools and use that as a primary lever? I'm new to this so any advice would be helpful!
  9. worldleader2018

    HKS 2019

    This wait is just so tough, especially as other schools are out now -- all I can dream about is HKS. Best of luck to all. Let's hope we hear this week!
  10. worldleader2018

    Columbia SIPA 2019

    Does SIPA negotiate at all, based on scholarships recieved from other schools of similar caliber?
  11. worldleader2018

    UChicago Harris 2019

    Just got a call a few minutes ago! Calls are still going out it seems... stay tuned!
  12. worldleader2018

    UChicago Harris 2019

    Eagerly waiting as well...
  13. worldleader2018

    UChicago Harris 2019

    I'm domestic and no such changes on mine either!
  14. worldleader2018

    2019 Results

    Thanks for sharing! I didn't get the e-mail but saw the portal was updated. Eagerly waiting on funding details!
  15. worldleader2018

    Georgetown McCourt 2019

    Still waiting for MPP!

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