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  1. cowsgomoo

    Rangel or Pickering 2019-2020

    Pickering fellow here and I would just like to add that GPA and GRE score do actually matter for applying to graduate school. Having the fellowship does not make you a shoo-in for programs, especially at highly-competitive schools/programs. While it is a welcome addition, it is not something that will make a program automatically select you over an equally-qualified candidate who isn't a fellow. Also, keep in mind that the fellowships do not cover all of the financial costs of attending most schools and only a few partner programs offer to cover the difference. You will need competitive GPA and GRE scores to secure the rest of the funding. Good luck!
  2. cowsgomoo

    University of Denver, Josef Korbel 2019

    Nothing yet!
  3. cowsgomoo

    Tufts Fletcher - Early Notification 2019

    "Dear Paul" 😂
  4. cowsgomoo

    University of Denver, Josef Korbel 2019

    I was admitted to the public policy program with an offer for $30k per year and an invitation to interview for Sie. Undergrad GPA: 3.3 Undergrad Degree: BA political science (English minor), BA international studies (philosophy minor) GRE Scores: 162 V 152 Q 5.0 AW Work Experience: 2 years on Capitol Hill, 2 years in international development, 1.5 years at a public policy think tank, and internships with the Department of State and my home state legislature while in undergrad

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