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  1. Pickering fellow here and I would just like to add that GPA and GRE score do actually matter for applying to graduate school. Having the fellowship does not make you a shoo-in for programs, especially at highly-competitive schools/programs. While it is a welcome addition, it is not something that will make a program automatically select you over an equally-qualified candidate who isn't a fellow. Also, keep in mind that the fellowships do not cover all of the financial costs of attending most schools and only a few partner programs offer to cover the difference. You will need competitive GPA an
  2. I was admitted to the public policy program with an offer for $30k per year and an invitation to interview for Sie. Undergrad GPA: 3.3 Undergrad Degree: BA political science (English minor), BA international studies (philosophy minor) GRE Scores: 162 V 152 Q 5.0 AW Work Experience: 2 years on Capitol Hill, 2 years in international development, 1.5 years at a public policy think tank, and internships with the Department of State and my home state legislature while in undergrad
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