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  1. I will be doing a bit of a shift from my educational background trying to get into environmental management or policy programs ideally with an international spin. I am also looking at many schools in Europe and one in Japan. My goal is to narrow it down to about 5 schools and these are probably the most prestigious (difficult to get into) on my list. I know it is a long shot for Yale and WWS but I think I have a good chance at the others. Schools Applying To: Yale MEM (Environmental Management), WWS MPA, Maxwell MPA, Notre Dame Keough MGA, Science Po MEP (Environmental Policy), Lund University IIIEE (MEP) Undergraduate institution: Top 3 school in state Undergraduate GPA: 3.25 Undergraduate Major: Intentional Relations and Japanese Language GRE Quantitative Score: 156 GRE Verbal Score: 163 GRE AW Score: 4.0 Languages: I am fluent in French and conversational in Japanese Quant: This is not my strong suit but I did take intro to Macro & Micro getting an B and A- I also took stats and calculus where I think I got a B and a C. Years Out of Undergrad (if applicable): 2 Years of Work Experience: 2 Describe Relevant Work Experience: I would not say this is particularly relevant but I have been teaching English in Japan as a JET for the past 2 years. I have been able to take on a lot of responsibilities and even introduced new programs to the English curriculum. Starting in September will be interning at an international energy policy think tank in Tokyo that will run until June of 2020. Strength of SOP (be honest, describe the process, etc): I have not started writing them yet but I believe that I have a clear path in my mind that involves going to graduate school to achieve my goals. I grew up living on sail boats and have seen coral bleaching and fish diversity decreasing first hand and picked a fair amount of trash out of the ocean. A lot of my interest in environmental issues stems from my experiences with that life. Strength of LOR's (be honest, describe the process, etc): I have one professor who has written multiple LORs for me in the past and who I got along with well in undergrad. Two others might be a bit more difficult. I plan on asking the intern director at the think tank to write me one. Potentially my Japanese professor could be a third but her field is obviously pretty removed from environmental studies. Other: I was a CLS recipient for Japanese. I took two Graduate courses in undergrad and got As in both. One was on Modern China the other on Religions in Japan.
  2. What are you aiming for the GRE scores? I took mine for a second time and got a 163V 155Q I am not sure how much weight is given to the writing score but mine actually went down the second time
  3. Hello, I was looking around for information on these two fellowships and didn't see any threads for this year. I will be super busy from July to September so I thought I might as well get started early. Here are links to previous year's threads: 2018-2019 2017-2019
  4. After looking at the curriculum on the prospective students page the Environmental Justice program seems very broad. I can't quite figure out what the goals of the program are. If you don't mind, what are your goals after graduating and if you can, what are some of the things people in your cohort want to do?
  5. I received my email last week on Friday that I did not make it. Maybe it is different per language?
  6. This is my first time applying for Blakemore. It does seem to want people who have are fairly dedicated to the language and will use it somehow in their future. The profile of past recipients is pretty intimidating. Getting into the language school its self is pretty intimidating... What language are you applying for?
  7. Pretty late but I also applied. I applied for the Japanese funding to go to Yokohama.
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