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  1. I will be attending the Josef Korbel school at the University of Denver with a full-tuition Sie Fellowship.
  2. I'm in with the MIA! Half tuition reduction and half living expenses scholarship.
  3. @publicpolicy2019 You get a $6,000 stipend for being part of the program; no aid is associated with it.
  4. By the way, I got confirmation from the International Fellows contacts. If you didn't receive note of getting into the program in the acceptance letter, you weren't selected for the cohort.
  5. I second @iamemily03. Although first off I don't even know how I'd go affording the first year with no funding, even if I bet on getting an assistantship in my second year. In the best possible scenario maybe I'll receive the $25,000 federal unsubsidized loan and a $62,395 graduate PLUS loan. But $87,395 is a lot of money to ask of someone, even if the Columbia name is attached to it. Given that I want to go into the public service (like most of us), I don't even see myself making $87,395 until mid-career. And a TA position in the second year only takes off $12,000 in tuition. I feel like it would be a burden I would probably be carrying around with for the rest of my life. So definitely up for negotiating, and if I don't get any money from that, I've received much better offers elsewhere. The whole point of graduate school is to open up your career possibilities and if my options are limited to careers that I don't feel passionate about (even if they're high-paying) in order to pay off my debt it's not worth it.
  6. I am thinking that sentence means that we didn't receive funding. But I'm going to email the financial office about my specific case for clarification.
  7. Sie interviewees ( @cowsgomoo et al.): Hear anything back from the Center yet about the Fellowship? I was told by the Director that Sie awardees would be notified some time this week.
  8. Based on the confusing language in the welcome portal, I'm also wondering this. I'm assuming we didn't receive scholarships if we weren't notified yesterday, but I don't know why they would say we would be contacted separately in the same sentence as info about scholarships. The people who received scholarships yesterday were notified of them alongside their acceptance letter.
  9. Regarding financial aid again, does anyone know what these lines from the welcome portal mean in relation to the decisions we received yesterday? "We automatically consider all admitted applicants for scholarships and we will contact you separately with more information about financing your SIPA education. Please note that most scholarship decisions will not be released until March 2019." So I'm inferring from the second sentence that scholarships were likely all given to people yesterday with their letters. Reading the first sentence though, I'm confused as to what they're contacting us separately about - I'm guessing PLUS loans and work study?
  10. Did any of you apply for the International Fellows program? If so, did you notice any mention of it in your acceptance letter? According to some forum sleuthing from 2017, some first year students were notified about being chosen in the letter. But, the IF page on SIPA's site lists the application deadline as the end of April. So if both first and second years are considered at the same time, that would leave me to believe that we wouldn't hear back about IF until May or June. I sent an email to the IF contacts on the site, and if they provide me with any more information about IF decisions, I'll let you know.
  11. IN (holy crap)!! No funding information either. I will probably go lurk in last year's thread to see when that cohort received their funding.
  12. Any predictions as to which day this week we'll be notified of our decisions on? Every day lies in "mid-March".
  13. @iamemily03 Thanks for letting us know!
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