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  1. Pj2401

    Syracuse Maxwell 2019

    Ah. Yes, definitely email them. Also, let them know of your predicament and maybe they will give you an answer earlier to help with your decision.
  2. Pj2401

    Syracuse Maxwell 2019

    Hey, If I am right, their priority deadline was 1st Feb. Do check whether your application is being considered in the second round for which results will be out in late April. I received my admission notice on March 7th and I had applied on 1st Feb. Hope that helps
  3. Pj2401

    Syracuse Maxwell 2019

    Hey! Received 50% funding. Still contemplating!
  4. Pj2401

    Columbia SIPA 2019

    Could somebody help me out with an average cost of attendance for the 21 months MPA at SIPA? I am super confused in terms of the online info as it showcases 87k for 2019-20. So will the double of the same amount be for 20-21? How does it work?
  5. Pj2401

    Columbia SIPA 2019

    Does SIPA allow you to change your concentration and specialisation?
  6. Pj2401

    Columbia SIPA 2019

    I also got in! Super excited. No funding though. But, I did apply in the last deadline. Though in my letter they have specifically mentioned the concentration and specialisation. Is that for everybody? And if so, could I change it if I change my mind? Thanks
  7. Pj2401

    Columbia SIPA 2019

    My nerves are on fire! I feel like maybe today is the day
  8. Pj2401

    Indiana SPEA 2019

    Hey! Even I applied during the same time and faced the same issue. Hope we both get in
  9. Pj2401

    Indiana SPEA 2019

    Did not come across a thread for this school for 2019. Haven't seen many applying to this school. Would like to know your thoughts and opinions. Thanks
  10. Pj2401

    Syracuse Maxwell 2019

    Hey! I just received the acceptance mail. Extremely stoked. Maxwell has a very competitive program but I am not sure how it compares against other programs in terms of job placements, opportunities, research etc.
  11. Pj2401

    UW Evans MPA 2019

    Got into Evans, but waiting for other admits currently. I would like to study Social Policy. Would love to know your respective opinions on how Evans compares to other programs such as SIPA, SPEA or Maxwell. Thanks
  12. Pj2401

    Syracuse Maxwell 2019

    Hey! I have to the program. Still awaiting results. May I know when you submitted and received decision? Thanks
  13. Hey! I got accepted! I submitted right on the deadline. Hope that helps
  14. Please ignore me 😛 I just realised you meant the results page on this website. I was under the impression it's on the official website. What a dumbo I am.

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