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  1. I also received my funding notice today, and it was pretty generous. I'll be there for the admitted students day on 3/25 to see in person and hopefully get a better feel for the program
  2. Deciding between: Brandeis Heller (MPP) - 75% funding Northeastern (MPA) - 20% funding (cheaper sticker price though) Cornell CIPA (MPA) - 50+% funding Syracuse Maxwell (MPA) - awaiting funding I am Boston based, and am thinking about being in the Northeast (and probably New England specifically) long term. My interests are in domestic social policy, and more towards policy analysis than program administration. Brandeis Heller is attractive because the program lines up with my personal interests; policy analysis within domestic social policy is their bread and
  3. Hi all, hope folks browsing through find this helpful: _____________________________________ Programs Applied to: MPP/MPA Schools Applied to: Harvard Kennedy (MPP), Princeton WWS (MPA), Cornell CIPA (MPA), Syracuse Maxwell (MPA), Brandeis Heller (MPP), American (MPA), Northeastern (MPA) Schools Admitted to: Brandeis Heller (75% tuition), Cornell (bit over 50% tuition), Syracuse Maxwell (waiting on funding), Northeastern (20% tuition), American (no $$) Schools rejected from: HKS and WWS - applied thinking of them as "reaches", so rejections were disappointing but not su
  4. They said March 18 was the earliest that funding decisions would come out, and that those decisions would be released over the next couple weeks (not all at once, from my understanding)
  5. What are your thoughts on Cornell's MPA porgram? I applied there a little late, and am trying to learn a little more about them, so interested to hear any specifics about their program that you like.
  6. What do you mean by softer applicant numbers? Are there fewer applicants this year?
  7. What are your thoughts on American's program? Admitted for MPA, and trying to learn more about them
  8. Just found out I got into American as well. Any thoughts on their program's strengths and weaknesses?
  9. I applied right around their Feb 1 priority deadline (I think the day of, maybe a day or two before), and received a decision email on February 28. Good luck!
  10. From what I can tell from poking around, seems like it's usually either on the day, or within a day or two. Don't think they'll release anything all that much earlier
  11. Hi all, Didn't see a specific thread dedicated to the Maxwell School, so figured I'd start one. Anyone else been accepted and/or considering attending for the MPA program? Seems like a good program from what I've heard, and trying to weigh the pros and cons of their shorter, more intensive schedule.
  12. That decision of preferred school vs better funding is a tough one. I'm also interested in the Social Policy track, which seems to be Heller's real strength. I am waiting to receive other school decisions before making my own acceptance decision. Heller is the first decision of mine to come in, and will probably have more over the next several weeks, so will get a better idea of my options. I'm definitely planning to attend one of their admitted student days.
  13. Sure, no problem. For reference, I got a lot of $$$ from them too. _________________________________________________ Undergrad: BA in Political Science and Spanish at decent but note elite (top-40) liberal arts college GPA: 3.36 Quant background: Not much - took one introductory econ course as a sophomore, got a B-. Got an A in a 'Math and Politics' course that was in the Math department, but probably too light to hold much weight for this. Took an undergrad statistics course in the fall to help this category, got an A grade. GRE: V-163 / Q-163 / 5.5 Writing Wor
  14. Hey all, Got an acceptance for the MPP program at the Heller School, at Brandeis University. Anybody else either enrolled, completed, or considering it? Heard from one other person on here a while ago, but would be good to hear from others about what you think of the school and program.
  15. @eyesclosed - Can't speak to the MPH, but I know that MPA programs do look for some evidence of quantitative ability. You mentioned lower grades in calculus, so that combined with middling quant GRE score might give them some concern (although depends on what you mean by lower; C- would be more concerning than a B-). Not necessarily a dealbreaker, but just a factor they'll look at. If you have anything quantitative in your background that would help ease those concerns, definitely highlight that.
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