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  1. Schools/Programs Applying To: Harvard HKS, Princeton WWS Undergraduate institution: Shitty Art School Undergraduate GPA: 3.6Undergraduate Major: Cultural Studies/Critical TheoryGRE Quantitative Score: 142GRE Verbal Score: 162GRE AW Score: 4.5 Years Out of Undergrad (if applicable): 4Years of Work Experience: 5 (counting internships) Describe Relevant Work Experience: I have a Public Policy and International Affairs Fellowship under my belt, completed at University of Michigan/Ford School. I've worked in non-profits for 5 years, across public health, education, and housing. St
  2. I don’t think that a big name is ever worth going tens of thousands deeper into debt. This is especially true when talking about public sector/policy work, which doesn’t yield the kind of return on investment that a top-ranked MBA or JD night. That said, if you feel with confidence that a school is (1) a better fit in terms of curriculum and (2) can effectively place you in a higher paying job that is more aligned with your professional goals, it is worth considering. Just make sure that the specific opportunities you feel that Harvard has for you (i.e. connections to an employer you want
  3. Definitely. I would apply to different schools and I would strategize the applications differently. I didn’t see WWS at Princeton as a viable/competitive option, which led me to experiment with the application as opposed to put my best foot forward in terms of LOR, connecting with the school directly, etc. There’s no guarantee I would have gotten in, obviously, but I am disappointed in that application. I also would have applied to some dual programs, MBA or Information Systems, now knowing that I am interested in analytics and private sector work. I didn’t do so mainly because I did
  4. Offers: University of Michigan, Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy (MPP) - I have been offered 100% tuition and fees, health insurance, and a $20,000 stipend for both years Carnegie Mellon University, Heinz College of Information Systems and Public Policy (MSPPM) - I have been offered 100% tuition and a $6,000 stipend for both years (I am in the process of reaching out to CMU to see if they'd be willing to match Ford's offer) Background: I am a social services professional looking to transition from non-profit program delivery and fundraising to public sector consulting
  5. bumping this to see if anyone has two cents!
  6. Coming from Chicago, IL Deciding Between Carnegie Mellon Heinz: MSPPM - Pittsburgh (Full Tuition + $6k Stipend) University of Michigan Ford: MPP - Policy Analysis (Full Tuition + $20k Stipend) I will be sending Heinz the offer from Ford to see whether they’d be willing to match. Pittsburgh is substantially cheaper than Ann Arbor… though less accessible without a car (I don’t drive). Other Factors There are several factors pulling me towards either school — or deferring either offer for a year. (1) Research vs. Consulting After 5 years of developm
  7. I received my rejection email just now. This was my first and weakest application! I feel kinda down, but I know that these processes can be a crapshoot and that the stuff I turned into the other schools was superior in quality. I wonder if they offer feedback?
  8. Just updating! Haven't heard back from WWS, which I assume is a rejection, but am super excited about the offers I've received.
  9. Accepted with max funding I am about to cry 😭😭😭😭
  10. This is a really awesome idea for a resource. I’ve hesrd from several admissions officers that superior offers from comparable schools is the most determining leverage for successful negotiations. If I can piggy back and add some specific questions for discussion: - What kind of offers are relevant as leverage to a specific school? Is it similarly ranked schools? Is it schools with similar programs in terms of academic focus? Location? - How do you negotiate an already superior offer? Say you’ve been given full tuition plus stipend, but want to increase the stipend at one instit
  11. All of them are scheduled for the same date. It’s quite rude.
  12. Rankings should be taken with a grain of salt, but Ford was just announced as the #1 policy analysis program by U.S. news!
  13. YEP! God I wish I could go back and re-submit.
  14. Gotcha! This makes sense. Again, I appreciate you sharing. As someone who sees a future in program/policy evaluation, one of my main concerns with Heinz is the potentially narrow application of the program (e.g. limited to data analysis roles with firms working with big data) and the apparent lack of qualitative research methods — things I was thinking might be more balanced in Harris’ curriculum (at least with my very cursory understanding of these two programs). Your comment really spoke to this line of inquiry!
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