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  1. Thanks a ton. If its any good news for you, I know another guy who is accepted in MPA- ID who is also going to decline due to the same reason All the best to you too
  2. Hi Can anyone explain the 5% fee in the Yale International Loan column. Does it indicate a loan processing fee (e.g. On a 10k loan, 500 might be the fee) or is it an addition to the the interest rate (7.75 + 5)
  3. Is it advisable to attach offer letters from other schools when we are negotiating aid or just mentioning the aid amount works
  4. Wow 56000 is massive. Congrats I too got the mail just now and have been given 10k. So probably will turn down for Yale (30k) Any particular strong reason for turning down 56k for 20k by Yale as you had mentioned earlier
  5. "How We Communicate Admission Decisions" post is up. Any chance of another blog entry today or do they strictly follow this one post a day schedule
  6. Is 15 March fixed or it varies?
  7. Hello everyone Can someone from US or a current student chime in on the loan burden aspect if we end by financing MEM courses ( from Yale or Duke) through study loans. How difficult does it get to pay back the loan, how easy / difficult is for international students to get good opportunities post graduating in US and what is the average aid given by Yale Yale gives career outcomes without segregating program wise and also include joint mem/mba degrees. Do we have separate stats for MEM degrees? Although both come under Stem, what is the current status on visa issues in Env field. I have been told that non stem degree grads face a lot of problems in getting work visa. Also has there been affect of the job market in Env and energy field after Trump took office with his anti climate change attitude? Looking for insights Cheers
  8. I didn't apply to Bren but I am too waiting for update from Yale FES. There are no changes in my portal so I am hoping they might be releasing results in a staggered manner.
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