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  1. Think about it this way: when you account for cost of living, HKS will mean over $150,000 in loans. In five years you would look back and wonder why you didn’t take the full funding offer at an equally impressive program just for the brand name of Harvard.
  2. This seems like an important thread to bring to the top since some folks on her are considering taking out huge loans to go to get an MPP/MPA. I personally am going to the school that will cost the least. So far, my options will be around ~25-30K max over two years. How are some of you deciding where to attend relative to the amount of student loan debt you may potentially be in?
  3. Anybody think universities will push deposit dates back since many of us have to make a big decision without being able to visit universities due to COVID19?
  4. I don’t really believe that person received an acceptance earlier than expected... I could be wrong, though.
  5. I believe decisions should be out sometime next week based on decision results from prior years. Who else applied?
  6. Thank you for the advice. I know Heinz has a housing brochure, but in your opinion what are the best neighborhoods to live in based on accessibility to school and shops nearby?
  7. I received an email to check the portal yesterday and got in as well with $$$! When is the best time to look for housing?
  8. Hey everyone, we might as well get this thread started. What track did you apply for? I applied for the Pittsburgh track! Heinz is one of my top choices.
  9. Sorry, no. I misread that.
  10. I know the program went from a two year program to a one year and a summer program. I was really interested in the Fels MPA until they changed the program and took away the dual degrees 😔 I am not sure how how it’s viewed in the MPP/MPA world, but I would imagine that they have a really strong regional network and a solid national network.
  11. I’m pretty sure it was a general email to anyone who applied to a CPL fellowship—nothing to get excited about.
  12. This wait... are there a lot of us Stanford hopefuls out there?
  13. I believe so. I think it’s something like if you’re a finalist you’re likely getting into your program. On the other hand, if you’re not a finalist that does NOT mean you aren’t still possibly going to be accepted by your program. Also, the email they just sent was terrifying.
  14. If you have a high quant score I wouldn’t worry about taking any additional quant courses unless the schools you are accepted to ask you to (they likely will not). Apply and let the acceptances roll on.
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