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  1. Rejected congrats to all those who have been admitted!!!! It’s been a crazy ride!!!
  2. Same! Managed to log in again lol
  3. Omg I can’t seem to log into my MYFAID portal
  4. Omg same here it’s agonising
  5. Same here 😕 not sure what this means...
  6. Same here! International student here (MPP) omg this is super exciting stuff
  7. Hi guys! I'm looking to apply for the Harvard MUP program coming 4th Jan, anyone else with me? I come from a non-design/urban planning background, so I'm slightly worried about that 😔
  8. Just submitted my application for HKS MPP! All the best guys!
  9. ohhh I don't see any link though😅 I guess no funding for me then
  10. How did you view your financial aid package? Is it reflected together with the status update?
  11. OMG IM IN TOO!!! MSCAPP!!just received an email informing me about the admission status update
  12. How did the virtual class experience go? I wasn't able to attend And omg results are out, congrats to those that got admitted!!!!
  13. Yea I agree haha! As much as I'm dying to find out, the results will probably only be out in two weeks time? In other news, did anyone sign up for the events for submitted applicants?
  14. Just submitted my EA application! Sending y'all good vibes for the apps season 🥰
  15. Nope, I don’t intend to submit GRE scores! Anyone applying for MS-CAPP fresh from college? I feel like most MS-CAPP students have some work experience, so that’s slightly concerning.
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