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  1. Application Details Programs: Public Policy or Public Affairs, see signature for all schools. Schools Applied To: Accepted to all ranging from half to full tuition. Rejected from none. Attending: Princeton MPA Undergraduate Institution: Top 5 U.S. private school Undergraduate GPA: < 3.3 Undergraduate Major: STEM GRE: 80% Q / 93% V / 99% AW. Sent to all schools. Years Out/Work Exp.: 4 Relevant Work Experience: Government agency closely aligned with my interests and goals. Lots of energy dedicated to community organizing in my area of i
  2. I still haven't heard anything from them, but at this point my mind has kind of been made up. Really unfortunate that it's taken this long, but I understand that applications have probably gone up and admin/staff are at capacity.
  3. Accepted to the MPP program. Feeling an overwhelming amount of relief as a reprieve from immense grief, given the recent hate crimes in the US. Didn't receive the level of funding needed to change my mind, so I will be turning down this offer to attend Princeton SPIA. Hopefully this will free up a slot to my fellow public servants! Congrats again, everyone.
  4. @academiaenthusiast, edited my response to indicate it was for the MPA program!
  5. Got the email this morning (PT) with the subject "YES from Princeton SPIA." This feels so unreal; I'll collect my thoughts later after I'm done crying 😭 Edit: This was for the MPA.
  6. Was accepted to Austin-based MPAff around 9 AM PT! Adding my bit here so that future lurkers will know how staggered these results are and that it's not over until it's over. Time to wait for funding information. Good luck everyone!
  7. I'm an out of state student! I was told by some students at Evans that even if I didn't receive a certain fellowship or stipend, that I should just automatically start applying to GSAs, RAs, and TA-ships. I don't know how competitive they are, but I'm going to contact the office and attend some of the admit student sessions to ask more specifically about the likelihood of receiving a tuition waiver and health insurance through ASE positions. I personally am not comfortable taking on substantial debt to attend any policy school, Evans included.
  8. @Berber, if it's of any help I did some extensive research and informational interviewing for Stanford joint degrees earlier this year and can add a bit more to the MPP discussion. I second most of what @GradSchoolGrad mentioned, especially since I know a good number of public policy undergraduates, 1-year MAs in public policy (co-terminal degree graduates mostly), and MPPs and it's an unfortunate chicken v. egg situation. Given the small number of students in a program that doesn't give/get as much funding as other policy schools, Stanford's less invested Haas Center of Public Service th
  9. Wow, I also really hope that's not for those who applied by the scholarship deadline. Kind of disheartening to hear, but thank you for contacting them!
  10. Haven't heard back from the MPP yet... is it worth e-mailing the admissions team at this point? I'm also a little more worried since I've had an acceptance never hit my inbox and had to reach out to the program coordinator for an update—but also don't want to be leaning into my paranoia. So far, congrats everyone! 💗
  11. I'm just going to put this out there in case anyone else feels similarly: being in limbo at this point is making me even more anxious. I already have several responses from some of my top choices, but I still just want to know so I can move on with the next step of my professional and academic career and spend the next few months figuring out how to move in the middle of a pandemic! Definitely remaining grateful for the opportunity to even pursue higher education, but on top of the pandemic and the state of vaccine distribution in the US... everything feels so unknown. Just hoping for pla
  12. In my SOP, I indicated I would be interested in pursuing the social policy program option, with electives in the nonprofit management and social innovation program. I can't remember if there was the option to indicate that in the application itself, but if so, I most likely selected the social policy option. Hope that helps!
  13. @Alexissmart and @EveningLeaves, sent you separate messages!
  14. I didn't receive it, but was nominated. UCLA is pretty high on my list and I'm hoping that my attendance is not contingent on this fellowship if it's über competitive, which based on your description sounds like it. The letter says "Graduate Division will notify you late March/early April if you have been chosen as a GOFP recipient" so I guess I'll know then! I'll message you the other details, but my last name is definitely in the middle of the alphabet. I'm not sure how they're distributing responses though, perhaps it isn't alphabetical? 100% rooting for you!
  15. Just received my acceptance by e-mail! Funding info was included. Would love to know how common it is to receive the GOFP. UCLA was one of the first schools I decided to apply to and I love their commitment to equity (in all forms), so I’m thrilled with this result!
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