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  1. definitely on like my 7th time checking the forum today... GradCafe is poppin' today lmao
  2. also me, after a notification to check the portal comes in: if i don't open it i can't get rejected... 😌 good luck this week, everyone! remember to breathe
  3. Just got in!!!!! Got an email to check the portal. Congrats everyone!
  4. It's gonna be okay, guys. They have to let us know, eventually..
  5. Very cool. Not super familiar with media or communications studies, but in general for PhDs and tenure track positions, I've heard it's really important to get research experience to make you as competitive as possible. Again I'd recommend interviewing PhD students and tenured professors within the academic fields you're interested in... as a student though I always appreciated professors with industry experience, since I never aimed at ending up permanently in academia myself.
  6. Hey - I'm not sure I can speak to this, since I'm not sure what fields you're interested in. Are you trying to ultimately end up in academia teaching or doing research? Or are you planning to return to industry after completing your PhD? Is your current job in relevant to your fields of interest? It also depends on the funding package for your PhD and whether you get additional fellowships, stipend, assistantships, etc. If I were you, I'd do a ton of informational interviews with mentors and people whose jobs you're interested in. They'd be in a better position of telling you, maki
  7. I'm not at all familiar with your field, but think that the internship sounds harder to come by than grad school --- they already signaled they want you, and the opportunity is a very valid reason to defer. If they want you, they'll wait for you. Schools deal with deferrals all the time. This internship would make you an even more valuable and experienced candidate for grad programs, PLUS you can make money (assuming it's paid), which I think is a win-win. You can take the additional time to research programs even more deeply if you feel like you need to, apply to different ones if you develop
  8. I posted a similar question awhile ago (you can see on my profile) - and overwhelmingly, I got the advice to take the job. Take the job. We're entering a recession and good jobs (especially at employers you like) will be hard to come by. It is not a good time to take out a big loan. Also your program experience is likely to be funky with the possibility of classes still being online-only. NOT worth the cost of Columbia tuition IMO - networking and in-person interaction is one of the biggest draws of Ivy league programs. Is there a possibility your employer can contribute to tuition reimbu
  9. I've heard of and read parts of each of these during my Poli Sci undergrad, so glad to hear I'm not completely off-base!
  10. Hi all, I'm new to the urban planning and community economic development sphere, but it has come up in my work (government grantmaking, public investments, anti-gentrification organizing) so I want to learn more about dialogue happening within the field as it pertains to inequality/race/equity and how it intersects with other issues (criminal justice, environmental justice, health equity, etc). Never took a class on it in undergrad or anything -- What books, blogs, videos have been most impactful on you as aspiring urban planners? (Currently waiting to hear back from MPA pro
  11. hey i am also interested in philanthropy and impact investing. can i dm you to ask you more about your experiences and the factors you took into account while applying?
  12. Hang in there! Have you been able to go to any of the water distribution centers?
  13. Useful graph from NASPAA on salaries of MPP/MPA alumni (3 years after graduation) https://www.naspaa.org/resources/career-resources
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