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  1. Received the acceptance phone call on Friday! Received $$. Decisions will post to the portal on Wednesday, 12/15. If you haven’t received a call, don’t worry— they’re still contacting folks and I don’t believe they’ll get to everyone before Wednesday. Best of luck everyone!
  2. I did! I applied for the David Bohnett and Lisa Ellen Goldberg ones. How about you? Wish they would’ve released decisions last night!
  3. Has anyone heard anything from NYU Wagner? MPA fall 2021 applicant here. I assume they’re going to stick to their March 1st deadline.
  4. Yes, they claimed to have sent it by mistake (a pretty major mistake but it is what it is). Decisions will still be released in March according to Admissions!
  5. According to the forum from last year (I believe it was last year?) they apparently released some of the round 1 decisions around this time in January for individuals who submitted their apps in December.
  6. Update: they sent an email that apologized for the technical error on their end and that the transcript reminder wasn’t supposed to be sent. They also said to check the portal for the most recent application status (which is obviously still the same as before). Not sure how they could mess up like this.
  7. Anyone get the congratulatory email that also requests your final transcript? A bit odd because it says "congratulations again" but I was not admitted a first time yet! Does anyone else think the email was a mistake who may have received it?
  8. Hi all, I just received an email from Penn's College of Liberal and Professional Studies about an hour ago that says the following: "Subject: Penn LPS – Transcript Policy Reminder Dear [my name], Congratulations again on your acceptance to the Fels Institute, Master of Public Administration, MPA Full-time Program. Our records indicate that we have not yet received all of your official transcripts. Per our transcript policy, you must submit final official transcripts of all previous academic work. For students who have been accepted to an LPS Post-Baccalaureate or Gradua
  9. Does anyone know where I can find a recording of the waitlist webinar? I tried the link that was sent in the email earlier today but it took me to the Chicago site and required me to log into my UChicago account (which I clearly don't have since I was waitlisted). I tried emailing admissions, but simply received an automated response about how they will be closed for Thanksgiving (tomorrow) and will reopen on Monday the 30th. If no one has access to the webinar link, would you be able to email me any notes you may have taken during the webinar? I'm not sure what else to do Thank you to anyone
  10. Waitlisted, not upset though! Does anyone have any idea about how long applicants on the list have waited to hear back? Do we think we might have an update when Round 1 decisions come out? Signed up for the webinar on Tuesday but maybe someone has some insight as to what to expect?
  11. On the blog post from yesterday I think it says we have to apply for the fellowship in our original applications for admission? Are EA applicants able to apply after we’re accepted? If so that’s great news!
  12. That’s awesome, congratulations!! Better than no $$ at all for sure! Are you also MPP and did you apply for a fellowship?
  13. Congratulations!! Such great news Was the call from a Chicago area code?
  14. Haven't received a text, hope I'll receive the email soon with you all!
  15. Congratulations!! Will everyone be getting their decisions online tomorrow? Also, how many people will be called normally? Should I be worried if I don't hear back tonight?
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