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  1. @Beezkneez08 Thank you! It actually worked out well, they were college professors whose school year was not yet started so I think they wanted to finish them before they started teaching! And it was about three weeks from full submission to acceptance!
  2. @Taro_TaroI was surprised as well, it was a little faster than their indicated timeline. I also submitted on the second day that the application was available, as I had prepared materials over the summer. I figured with rolling admissions I wanted to know ASAP.
  3. Hi! I have been accepted to UPenn's MSEd in Ed. Policy for Fall 2021. I will likely be attending. Would love to hear from other people who are accepted or applying!
  4. I did take it, mostly because my gpa was pretty underwhelming due to some personal issues. I think if its financially reasonable and could help your application, do it, but its definitely not critical this year. GPA-wise, I'm really not sure, I think they have a pretty holistic review process.
  5. @GradSchoolGrad Thank you for your perspective! I do have a diversity of interests within the Ed Policy space, which is how I ended up with this list. I was mostly going off looking at state/federal level jobs I was interested in, and looking at the career paths of some people with those jobs!
  6. Currently applying at Harvard EPA Ed.M. Penn Ed. Policy MSEd Georgetown MA in Education Transformation Vanderbilt MPP in Ed Policy Looking to eventually do government work
  7. @Taro_TaroYou might already know this but they are holding online webinar/open office hours to get more info! I attended one for the POLS program and it was very informative.
  8. I want to resurrect this thread...any 2021 Ed Policy people? I'm applying for a Master's right now. Would love to connect and discuss.
  9. Yes, because I am a good test taker with a bad GPA 🤪
  10. I had a low gpa in undergrad, both due to some deaths in the family and some personal issues. I ended up at a 2.98 However, I have since gotten my act together in the last two years. I also got 170/167/5.5 on my only GRE. Is it possible for me to get into a good school or does my sub-3.0 GPA pretty much rule me out from the beginning?
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