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  1. I applied to Columbia TC! The portal was linked on my acceptance letter. Perhaps each school does it differently? It might help if you include your program on your original post!
  2. My financial aid offer was included in the Admitted Applicants Portal!
  3. I'm waiting on financial aid decisions for now, but most likely going to Columbia unless another school offers significantly more!
  4. Thanks!! No, I was not interviewed. I had no idea that was a possibility!
  5. Thank you!! I didn't message them. I think I was in their first batch of decisions! I submitted like a month before the priority deadline, so that may have had something to do with it. I hope your news came / will come soon as well!!
  6. Yeah same. I'm guessing the email will come soon! Congrats to you too!!
  7. I just got my offer from TC for MA in Education Policy! I hope your news comes soon!!
  8. Hi! I've applied to the following programs, and I was hoping to get some insight into which programs were worth the inve$tment - in terms of employability / phD prospects afterwards! Would love to hear any feedback! Thank you!! Stanford MA in POLS (Policy, Organization and Leadership Studies) - pending Columbia University MA in Education Policy - pending University of Pennsylvania MsEd in Education, Culture and Society - admitted with $10,000 scholarship and option to apply for GA (max. $3,500) Georgetown University MA in Educational Transformation - (unofficially) admitted with $15,000 scholarship NYU MA in Education and Social Policy - admitted with $500 fellowship at Education and Social Policy Institute Background about me: I'm an international student. My interests lie in the role of education policy as a tool for mitigating inequality in society. I hope to work in a think tank in the US after graduation. I'd appreciate any help, especially from people who have experience in any of these programs, on sorting out which programs best suit me. As an international student from a developed country, I don't qualify for many scholarships other than the merit-based scholarships offered at admission and am concerned about investing in a degree that will not maximize my employment potential in the long term. I'm also happy to answer questions as well, if anyone has any about the admissions process!
  9. Applied for same program also by the priority deadline! Judging by my stalker-ish search, my guess is they'll get back to us the week of March 4th. Some of my friends suggested that emailing admissions about another offer can incentivize them to let you know about your status earlier. Sounds risky, but I'm planning on doing so if there are any schools that haven't gotten back to me by mid-March. (Applied to Stanford, Georgetown, Upenn, NYU and Columbia. Admitted to NYU and Georgetown for now.. waiting on the others!) Good luck!!
  10. You're right! I'm just so excited to quit my job haha I'm an international student, so idk much about areas... People keep telling me DC is very dangerous! Is that true??
  11. Waiting on Masters decisions from Stanford, Columbia, U of Penn, NYU and Georgetown!! U of Penn (GSE) is rolling and they said 6 - 8 weeks, but it's been like 10, so super anxious....
  12. I personally completed the ETS official general guide, ETS verbal practice questions, and ETS quant practice questions (3 separate books) in 3 weeks. My scores went from 161V/161Q without studying to 164V/166Q with the books. I also went through 100~300 words per day on the Magoosh app. Long live Magoosh!
  13. Hi, I'm an international student with an interest in policy. My end goal is to become a consultant for government policy, and I was wondering whether looking into internships in US government entities is reasonable or a waste of my time. Could anyone help me on this?
  14. It looks like you really need to find a template to use... Your essay should be between 500-750 words. Try read through this: https://www.kaptest.com/study/gre/how-to-structure-the-gre-issue-essay/
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