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    Social Work, Law, Asian Studies, Religion (particularly Buddhism), Women's and Gender Studies, Anthropology (particularly ethnobotany), Public Policy, Public Administration, Literature, Nonprofit Management, Sociology, History, Spanish, Hindi, Art History, Archaeology, Linguistics, Music, Philosophy, Psychology, Latin American Studies, Human Rights
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  1. I'm doing the extended residency program, meaning year 1 I'll be doing only doctrinal classes online in the evening while doing paid work FT and then I'll do the fieldwork component in years 2 and 3. I'm not sure if I can stomach another unpaid internship. 😐
  2. MettaSutta

    Columbia University-fall 2019

    Congrats! Were you able to secure housing yet?
  3. MettaSutta

    Columbia University-fall 2019

    No, I wasn't allowed to defer my scholarship-just hold my place. They said I had to be reconsidered in 2019. This time around, they gave me $0, so I opted for another program.
  4. MettaSutta

    Columbia University MSW Fall 2019

    Is Columbia your first choice?
  5. MettaSutta

    Columbia University MSW Fall 2019

    Hope to see some of y'all tomorrow for Admitted Students Day!
  6. MettaSutta

    Columbia University MSW Fall 2019

    Social Work Policy, Social Work Research, and Statistics https://socialwork.columbia.edu/admitted-students/checklist/waiver-exam-information/
  7. MettaSutta

    Columbia University MSW Fall 2019

    I shall take all three!
  8. MettaSutta

    Columbia University MSW Fall 2019

    Congrats! Are you taking any of the three waiver exams?
  9. MettaSutta

    The Positivity Thread

    I’ve just been accepted to the Woodenfish Summer 2019 Humanistic Buddhist Monastic Life Program in China!
  10. MettaSutta

    Columbia University MSW Fall 2019

    Thank you! I feel very fortunate.
  11. MettaSutta

    The Positivity Thread

    *e-hugs* Right there with you, but 31. Cry at least once a week. And for Indian girls in my situation, the stigma is real. People assume that you're "defective".
  12. MettaSutta

    FLAS 2018/2019

    Does anyone know when Columbia FLAS applicants would hear back? I applied by the 2/26 deadline.
  13. I withdrew because they offered me zero funding, unfortunately. Good luck to those waiting!
  14. MettaSutta

    Columbia University MSW Fall 2019

    Any one else registered for Accepted Students Day on April 6? I shall be in attendance!
  15. MettaSutta

    Columbia University MSW Fall 2019

    I got $25k/year. Over the moon! I do hear that they are open to negotiation if you feel like you didn't get what you deserved/needed.

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