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  1. Hope to submit by end of the month!
  2. Congrats! I wish their Law LIbrarian program was offered online, but alas.
  3. Greetings! In admissions decisions for candidates who have already completed another graduate program (in my case, a J.D.), which GPA would be weighted more heavily-undergrad or grad?
  4. Didn't see a thread for this. Anyone else planning on applying?
  5. Ahh ok. I'll be in northern NJ. I already have my JD (graduated 2 years ago).
  6. Checking in! Hope to apply within the next two weeks.
  7. I got accepted to Columbia's FT, 2 year online MSW with $25K/year, but deferred to next fall for financial reasons (will be employed FT in the interim). I'm getting cold feet for financial reasons. Is the name brand worth the extra debt? Will it actually open doors? I'm interested in policy work.
  8. I emailed customer service and they said results would be out Wednesday evening.
  9. Did anyone hear back? Website said results would be out today.
  10. I applied on the deadline (May 1). Anyone else? The wait is killing me!
  11. I submitted an app for the Healthline and NAMI Stronger Scholarship; will hear back in mid-June. That's it so far. It seems like funding eligible for MSW programs is rather scarce. Anyone else trying to secure outside funding?
  12. I'm doing the extended residency program, meaning year 1 I'll be doing only doctrinal classes online in the evening while doing paid work FT and then I'll do the fieldwork component in years 2 and 3. I'm not sure if I can stomach another unpaid internship. 😐
  13. Congrats! Were you able to secure housing yet?
  14. No, I wasn't allowed to defer my scholarship-just hold my place. They said I had to be reconsidered in 2019. This time around, they gave me $0, so I opted for another program.
  15. Hope to see some of y'all tomorrow for Admitted Students Day!
  16. Social Work Policy, Social Work Research, and Statistics https://socialwork.columbia.edu/admitted-students/checklist/waiver-exam-information/
  17. Congrats! Are you taking any of the three waiver exams?
  18. I’ve just been accepted to the Woodenfish Summer 2019 Humanistic Buddhist Monastic Life Program in China!
  19. Thank you! I feel very fortunate.
  20. *e-hugs* Right there with you, but 31. Cry at least once a week. And for Indian girls in my situation, the stigma is real. People assume that you're "defective".
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