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  1. Yes received email from Dept. I have done a Masters before but it was in Interdisciplinary Studies.
  2. Got word from the Dept. I wasn't offered a spot in their PhD program but was asked if I am interested in their M.A program.
  3. Haven't seen any threads on grad school applications to McMaster. Thought I would start one so we could get a sense of what's going on. Applied to the English & Cultural Studies Dept (PhD in English). Waitlisted, so waiting patiently to hear back from the Dept.
  4. These are some questions to help you figure it out; After completing your masters where do you want to work? Do you want to learn public policy in the Canadian or European context? Do you have the financial means to move and live in Malta? If you answer these questions truly it may help you make an informed decision. Good luck 👍
  5. Thanks for starting this thread. Have you heard back from any of the schools you applied to? I am still waiting to hear back from McMaster.
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