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  1. have you heard anything from FSU at this point? I'm assuming i've been rejected but it's getting late!
  2. I know there's those two Harvard acceptances on the board, but anyone else heard anything, in any capacity? I thought we'd see some more acceptances after those a few days ago.
  3. Echo-ing the other questions and also, was the notifcation from today? And a call or email?
  4. Someone I know called and they said that it looked like decisions wouldn't be back until early March. I'm wondering if they're just behind this year or they mean all decisions acceptances, rejections, etc.
  5. Hi! What's your genre? Radio silence from FSU too over here. I was rejected from USC but kind of expected it because I never took the subject test haha. Where else did you apply?
  6. Re: Columbia There are Acceptances, Rejections, and Waitlists on the board but has anyone else just had complete radio silence from them? I wondering if I should contact them because it kind of seems like they are done?
  7. Hi Congrats!! That's amazing, CUNY is a great program filled with some of the best professors and resources, I did my undergraduate there. Do you mind sharing your field of study?
  8. Anybody have any idea about the way acceptances work at NYU? For ex: Do they only make phone calls? Or is it possible to get an acceptance w/o a call? Also, anyone know about how many students get accepted? I couldn't find that info anywhere.
  9. Congrats !!! Has there been any sort of change in status online?
  10. Hi! Same exact package over here! Nice to (virtually) meet you. Are you going to the visit on April 2-3?
  11. Hi! Yes! That's me! I'm also a BA with a non-English BA! Are we the same person? Congratulations!!
  12. In at SUNY Buffalo for their English PhD specializing in Poetics! First acceptance, feels amazing! This is a dream program for me!
  13. Ah that sounds great! No, actually, just a Bronte fangirl haha. I come from a poetics background, just graduated with my MFA and am really interested in experimental poetics and post-gendered lyric of the 20th century like Hannah wiener, Leslie Scalapino etc. which is why I would have really loved to study with Judith Goldman and Myung Mi Kim.
  14. Wishing you both luck! Hoping we hear something tomorrow. What are you interested in studying?
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