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  1. Turned down Buffalo today and two funded MA programs at UVM and Villanova! Hope this helps someone out. Excited to be attending Brandeis in the fall.
  2. Everyone on here seems to keep stressing the importance of rank above much else, so my question is: If I have been accepted to programs with good funding (and tuition remission) that also seem like good fits for my focus, but they are not in the top 10 (or 20), should I wait it out and reapply next year--or accept one of the offers I've already been given?
  3. I didn't answer a single question on the quant section, and I was just accepted to an English PhD with full fellowship. I hope this helps someone out there feel a little bit better. Haha.
  4. Congratulations! I saw one of your earlier posts and we had the same POIs and general interests, so that's cool! And yes, I do intend to visit. I'm still kind of shocked and not really thinking about the logistics of it all right now though. Not sure if they will pay for our visit and whatnot.
  5. First acceptance at SUNY Buffalo as an English fellow with full funding and tuition remission. So relieved and excited and hyperventilating.
  6. If you don't mind me asking, did you get an email rejection from Buffalo or was it updated in your portal? My app there still says under review so I'm just curious if that's an implied rejection as well.
  7. Poetry! I went to UNCW. What about you? It was a really productive experience for my creative work, and good to get a lot of teaching experience, but I am SO ready at this point to be in a more academic/theoretical setting, you know?
  8. I love this thread. It's been so amazing to read about everyone's interests, and makes me doubly excited for actually entering a program with like-minded thinkers. My writing sample is from an independent study during my MFA and it is on "ontologies" of lack and excess in lyrical poetics (obviously incorporating Lacanian and Freudian theories). I used the poetry of Rilke and Strand to show the way our imagery for excess and "too-muchness" is almost analogous to that of disconnect and alienation, and that our phenomenological renderings of each are eerily similar in poetry. It was very muc
  9. Anyone know if Columbia interviews all of their prospective candidates?
  10. Out of curiosity, did anyone else applying to Harvard's PhD in English get an email requesting additional language proficiency information? Not sure what to make of it.
  11. Hello to all. I have been silently reading these threads for a while, so I thought I might as well introduce myself before the coming storm of admission results. I'm finding that--now that all the applications have been submitted--the idea of waiting for two or three months seems impossible and exhausting. At least while composing the necessary documents there was something tangible to throw myself into. Anyone else feel like they oscillate from a sense of complete hopefulness about one's prospects one day to utter dejection the next? My focus is 20th and 21st century poetics and cri
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