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  1. I switched from 19th C to Early Modern for my applications and got in at one of my top choices still! Totally feasible as long as your research objectives are clear in your WS/SoP.
  2. I did! Turned down a school that was offering me $4,000 more that ended up offering me an additional $8,000 in fellowships for my first year. Fit was way more important to me—remember, you’ll be at your program for the next 5+ yrs. Good luck
  3. Congrats! It looks like a few people have declined Michigan so fingers crossed for you!
  4. @amphilanthus I'm currently in the same boat, ugh! Which school did you end up narrowing down to?
  5. Gonna pop in here and add that I had atrocious GRE schools and got into two great programs with full funding. Focus on WS and SoP and use the money to apply to more schools rather than a retake. Edit to clarify also that my scores were lower than yours (with exception of Verbal, I scored 158V, but I was lower in Q and Writing).
  6. Super happy for you. You've been such a beacon of light on this forum
  7. Not a book, but a fantastic poem recommendation: just recently reread Spenser's Daphnaida and wow, I forgot how harrowing that poem is. Highly recommend.
  8. @DevoLevo Thank you! I'm visiting in a week and very excited to see the city. If I end up choosing UW, I will certainly reach out.
  9. Wrote the wrong GPA by accident on half of my applications and realized as I was reviewing the application proofs AFTER submitting them. Then proceeded to send 5 frantic e-mails to the respective departments in hopes of rectifying the stupid blunder. Still got into two of those programs, so I guess the mistake wasn't as tragic as my anxiety drove me to believe!
  10. I FIRMLY second this. I retook the GRE to score only two points higher on my Verbal section. I am still reeling from that.
  11. When I applied, I was working 30-40 hours a week while balancing a full-time course load. I won't sugarcoat this experience at all--it was extremely overwhelming and stressful, and I had to make a lot of sacrifices for it. I did not get much sleep, which definitely wore me out by the time I finally submitted my applications, and my social life was nonexistent. My advice to you would be to take advantage of weekends, as Friday/Saturday/Sunday were the days where I got the most work done. Not sure what your summer is like, but I was lucky to be only taking classes part-time and I worked abou
  12. @MetaphysicalDrama Congratulations! So happy this came through for you.
  13. @Amelia75 That's awesome. I unfortunately won't be able to make it in April so I'll be visiting in mid March.
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