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  1. M(allthevowels)H

    Bucknell English MA (Fully Funded) Accepting Applications

    Congratulations! I love it when a plan comes together.
  2. M(allthevowels)H

    Any married grad students here?

    Preemptive congratulations! Also, I second furbabies being hassle enough (How, oh how, did I end up with a dog that has more anxieties than me?). You are really wise to think about both commutes in your housing search. We got distracted by a good deal and shiny amenities and for my whole MFA I had a fifteen minute commute, while my partner had nearly an hour. 😧
  3. M(allthevowels)H

    Any married grad students here?

    Same all around, with the exception of being an international student. The best part about dragging my partner across the country for my MFA was I had a built-in person to do stuff with when I wanted to explore the area. "Who wants to volunteer to clean up an abandoned graveyard and then hunt for Maillard's Automaton at the Franklin Institute? You do, because you're stuck with me." I will say, and this may not be the case for my upcoming graduate program, the MFA skewed older. I was 25ish when I started, and that put me maybe lower middle of the pack, with a good number of my cohort in the early to mid 30s when we started. That might just be the nature of writing programs, though. It sounds like maybe Lit PhDs skew younger. Okay, but isn't this the strangest reaction? I had one woman in my MFA cohort, who was also married and had opted for a long distance option, actually kind of sneer at me? She said something along the lines of "Oh, they don't have their own career?" I'm happy to say she was an outlier. Most of the coupled cohort brought their partners with them, and those who didn't (usually because they were attending somewhere else) often had them visit and would even get permission for them to sit in on classes.
  4. M(allthevowels)H

    Anyone else married with children?

    Vanderbilt does too, though I second WUSTL and U Denver. I'd check out programs you have a good fit in, find the ones with MFA programs, and ask on a case-by-case basis (For example, Ole Miss has a banging MFA program, but Lit students have never typically taken classes with them, so you'd have to try for special permission or something. Maybe possible, but not a function of the program). Maybe UC Riverside?
  5. Congratulations! I know nothing about your field or this department, but it sounds impressive! Congratulations! In my head there are many whimsical statues around campus in honor of Dr. Seuss. Don't correct me if I'm wrong. The illusive negotiation! Congrats!
  6. Congratulations on the acceptance! And on Rochester, (I swear I'm only a little salty they didn't love me back.)
  7. M(allthevowels)H

    Anyone else married with children?

    Hey! You and I are in the exact same boat. I'm starting my lit PhD in the fall after graduating from my MFA, ( I took a year off before applying), and I've already committed to continuing my writing career during my PhD. A large part of the reason I applied to Rice and Vanderbilt is that you don't teach during coursework. Since the MFA was teaching + coursework + side writing, my plan is that creative writing will occupy the space on my schedule that teaching/lesson planning/grading occupied before. It might be worth a shot to look at programs with a similar set up, especially if you have teaching experience from your masters so your CV won't be disadvantaged by having less during your PhD. (I wrote this assuming you haven't already applied, please disregard if not so 😊)
  8. M(allthevowels)H

    Vanderbilt Fall 2018

    Not looking for a roommate, but I'll also be heading to Vanderbilt this Fall (English PhD). Still trying to decide when I should try to secure housing. Feels too early, but that could also be my inner procrastinator talking.
  9. Oh my stars! Thank you ( and @Warelin and @a_sort_of_fractious_angel) for providing this. I see it as a "Fit Finder" but also a "Final Decision Assistant". I love *love* that it has a space for "concerns". It's easy to get so excited (especially after we've gotten an acceptance) to forget things that actually made us hesitate before; having fields for all of the abstract information that isn't numbers or names is so valuable for comparison.
  10. Oh, haha! I thought it was just a database thing. Like they sent something out to all waiting potentials when they meant to just send it out to theirs? But I guess they thought everyone needed to know about their fabulous math seminars. It's not too late to change majors, you know. We could get in on that sweet, sweet quantum topology class.
  11. I haven't heard from them (except the info re: the visit day I wasn't able to make). Today I did get the weird email about signing up for classes in the Mathematics graduate major that gave me a minor heart attack, but I think that was a mistake.
  12. M(allthevowels)H

    Nashville, TN

    Thanks so much! This is super helpful. I'll check out Sylvan Park and Germantown, too.
  13. M(allthevowels)H

    Nashville, TN

    Reviving the Nashville thread! Okay, so I know some things about this thread are dated ($900 for a 1 bedroom next to Vandy? Oooh 2013 was a simpler time) but I was wondering if the “East Nashville isn’t so bad” v “East Nashville will get you shot” argument is now settled in 2018? I don’t mind roughish areas, especially if the primary crimes are nonviolent theft or drunken disorderly (I see a lot of that on Nashville’s crime map). Also, because I’d rather rent a small house or townhouse than an apartment, (I have dogs), has anyone who moved to Nashville worked with using a real estate agent for a rental? I never have, but it’s more common in some cities. Also also, are there still neighborhoods where people only advertise rentals with signs out front (like I’d be best served driving around areas I already know I like) or are most of the houses already investor/corporate owned so it’s all going online anyway? I’m trying to keep my rent around 1400, so I know the area immediately around Vanderbilt is out. But I have a car and I don’t need a ton of space so I’m hoping I can find something in the city with a little digging. Thanks to anyone who has answers/general advice. (I’m relying heavily on this Youtube video for neighborhood breakdowns)
  14. M(allthevowels)H

    2018 Acceptances

    Congratulations! App season is full of ups and downs. Glad you have an official acceptance! Congratulations on your decision!
  15. Holy cow! Congrats on all the things! I know a lot of people who are dying to move to Oregon. Congratulations! Congratulations on your decision and having a mascot with a cool name. Oh, the illusive funded MA! Congrats!

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