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  1. DanaJ

    Laptops for Historians

    I just want to say thank you for this thread, I'm having the same issue! I used the same macbook throughout my undergrad and MA. I thought macbooks lasted forever, but its been abused over the last 7 years and needs replacing, their price tag has me looking elsewhere. Following closely! I have spoken to my brothers, one is a graphic designer and one is a software administrator, they have me leaning towards some very reasonably priced Dell laptops on amazon. If that helps you at all, that's the information I'm working with!
  2. DanaJ

    Applications 2019

    Good luck to everyone making decisions and hopefully hearing about waitlists today! Personally, I have accepted my offer to Kentucky with a TA funding offer. I don't know how this happened, but I don't have to move, as I currently live about 30 minutes from campus!
  3. DanaJ

    Applications 2019

    I'm going to second the challenges that come with an "absentee advisor." Who knows, maybe this person is excellent and it won't make a difference, but there is a gamble involved. During my MA career an advisor went on sabbatical, but did not travel far, to work on research. I had periods of great, quick feedback and other periods where I was forced to wait weeks for any kinds of comments. One segment was even overlooked in e-mail, causing it to sit for an extended period of time! Lets just say that right before the deadline I was in a mad scramble to try to complete the project. With all the best intentions, if you want more advice or guidance I would proceed with extreme caution in considering an advisor across the country.
  4. DanaJ

    Applications 2019

    That still has to make you feel good!! Congrats! These late decisions are killing me, I still have one I haven't heard back from and accepted another offer yesterday. I just gave up waiting.
  5. DanaJ

    Applications 2019

    I am still reading because of posts like this, CONGRATS!
  6. DanaJ

    2019 Visit Days/Decisions

    This may be an odd question, but is it normal for a program to not offer a formal visitation weekend? I went to visit my top choice program a week before the application deadline, but through email contact with a current student I learned that the next time I’m expectedly on campus is for an orientation weekend in AUGUST!
  7. DanaJ

    Applications 2019

    Thank you for clarifying! I couldn’t find the thread I was looking for this morning and this explains it!
  8. DanaJ

    Applications 2019

    Has anyone been accepted to a program and expected funding, but not heard details yet? My top choice program assured me that they do not take anyone that they can’t fund, but when I heard from the DGS he told me “we are still making final decisions regarding funding.” I assume that meant placement decisions (TA, research assistant, fellowships with various local historical sites), but I’m starting to worry! I have not heard in almost a month. I emailed to check in and did not hear back, but it has only been one day since I sent the email.
  9. DanaJ

    Applications 2019

    I second this! I have a friendship level relationship with an instructor who retired last year, but I STILL refer to him as Dr. ____ . I know he worked hard for that distinction and takes pride in it. Even though we are friends, I still want to show him respect.
  10. DanaJ

    Applications 2019

    So bad. And my MA thesis is only partially revised, plus I’m preparing a piece for a conference and I’m significantly less focused! At least I don’t have to pack up and move, as many on this forum do. I would already be packing!
  11. DanaJ

    Applications 2019

    They are tough but worth it. I was the first student to complete the program with my department, and I won't lie, there were tears and breakdowns. But I'm also graduating faster and it was a nice thing to be able to put in my SOP, especially being the first one!
  12. DanaJ

    Applications 2019

    I second this question... I waived my right to view on my applications so that they would write freely, but I am SO CURIOUS.
  13. DanaJ

    Applications 2019

    I had never heard that you shouldn't do your MA at the same school you attended for your BA until I was in this forum. Personally, my school offered a 3+2 program, which allowed me to take 3 MA courses over 2 semesters my senior year of undergrad. Those courses were then applied to both my BA and MA degree, designed to expedite a student pursuing their MA. As I am a non-traditional student (translation: a little older), saving a semester was a big benefit of staying put. That said, I was also a community college transfer, so I would have been transferring for school to school every two years. I was content to stay in one place for 4 years. I do think that the relationships I developed in my time at my current institution helped with my letters, but I understand that if there's not a good fit for your research, sometimes it's best to move on.
  14. DanaJ

    Applications 2019

    I'm still hanging out, waiting on one more application that was really a coin toss. It was a last minute decision to apply to TCU and I hadn't contacted the POI because she was in her first year at the school, so honestly I didn't even know about her (I started my research much earlier). My MA thesis advisor referred me to her, and I applied ON deadline day in a panic after a couple rejections. It's more curiosity to see if/what they offer than anything else, I'm very happy with the acceptance and offer that I have, but it's never over until it's over.
  15. DanaJ

    Applications 2019

    Isn't the radio silence frustrating?! 5 applied, 3 rejected, 1 accepted, 1 radio silence... I've seen one acceptance and no rejections from my radio silent school. I feel your pain! Edit: Technically, it only takes one school to accept you! Presumably you don't apply to a program without a reasonable belief that you will do well and be able to pursue a career after you complete your program, so one is enough! But the wait is hard regardless.

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