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  1. Exactly! It's really unfortunate that funding is so scarce for Master's students. They did! The only issue is that it is my undergraduate school, and I would have liked to go elsewhere. However, the faculty is exceptional and I love all the people I've worked with so far. Yeah, I've seen that in this thread. My hope is definitely more of the abstract kind. I wasn't even going to bother applying until an advisor for the program personally reached out. Then I figured, transferring the application is free and there's no harm in seeing! Thank you, though. If I hadn't been checking t
  2. Me! I won't be accepting. Though NYU is my dream school, it's just not possible with no funding. Hoping that Columbia offers funding for their MA. If not, I'll have to decide between a PhD at Temple, or waiting a year to apply again to NYU with a, hopefully, more competitive application. Not sure yet! If anyone has any advice on whether it's worth waiting or to just take the one offer I have, I'd love to hear.
  3. Saw three Rutgers acceptances in the results! Congrats to those accepted!!!! Does anyone know if they release the acceptances all at once, or is it still possible to hear something in the next few days?
  4. Because they did have a professor who was a perfect fit, and they also have tons of archived material that relate to my project. I found out the professor was retiring, but I'd already budgeted and asked professors for letters, so I just decided to go for it on the off chance they had a replacement in mind! It was definitely a reach, and I knew that, but I was too late in the process to back out.
  5. Looks like someone in the results forum got an email about an unofficial acceptance, so I suppose they'll start coming out over the next few weeks! I'm Italian history! I know a grad student there who was also Italian history and just graduated last semester, so I'm hoping they let me slide into that spot, haha! Sending you good vibes and hope you get an acceptance soon!
  6. Also got rejected from Columbia without email notification. I wasn't expecting to get in (1. It's Columbia, 2. Unlikely to have an advisor for my field of interest, 3. IT'S COLUMBIA) but now I'm getting antsy about the other three schools I'm waiting on. NYU is feeling like a rejection at this point, but does anyone know where UCSB and Rutgers stand with applications so far? Will they start sending out decisions soon?
  7. I've been frantically checking my email and portal since I saw the wave of rejections on the result page! Really hoping something comes in soon so I can stop being stressed about it.
  8. I wanna echo this. Waiting to hear back from both schools too and feeling anxious because NYU is my top choice. I'd rather just get rejected now and have this be over!
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