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  1. I didn't apply to Berkeley, but I know someone who did and just declined his offer today for NU. So maybe it'll open up a spot for you!
  2. IMO its not worth going into debts... I turned down both Oxbridge masters offer myself three years ago because they don’t really have fundings for their MA. There’s many other good (funded) MA programs in history in the UK
  3. I meant to ask that as well! Columbia is potentially doing the same. Though they will reimburse us even if we cancel the trip, I possibly don't know how I can decide where to go by April 15th without having visited all schools. I am/was? supposed to do two visits in 10 days. Coming from abroad, the teleconference idea seems so unfit. I've already had Skype sessions with my POI prior to acceptance, so it's more a matter of needing to meet the faculty, cohort, hearing about the program, and asking questions to current grad students. And I guess we won't be given more time to decide...!
  4. I think so. We had the visit days two weeks ago
  5. Also think you shouldn’t go into debt for an MA! When I did mine, I made sure I received 100% funding (and then you can add that merit scholarship on your CV and mention it in your PhD application). I turned down both an Oxford and Cambridge MA acceptance back in 2017 in favor of a fully funded history MA offer at Durham university. I would have never ever considered taking a loan out to pay for an MA. But then again, some people do and it works fine for them financially. But I think you’re doing the right choice by not accepting the 18k offer. Are you waiting to hear from other sc
  6. For those wondering about NYU. Just had an informal interview with my POI 5mn ago, told me admission results will be posted probably next week (in the best case scenario) or the week after that. Visit day on March 27th. Said they're only able to accept 15 students: 4-5ppl for the History Programme, and 2 for each Joint History programmes.
  7. SAME! Congrats!!!! That whole “check the portal status” is a bit nerve wracking aha. Any idea when the visit day might be?
  8. I just received yesterday an offer of admission from Columbia! I’m over the moon 😱😱 i hope everyone gets to hear back from their intended schools very soon 💛
  9. Thank you for the update. I applied for the joint program in History/French Studies and was wondering when we would hear back !
  10. Is it typical of NYU to do interviews?
  11. Northwestern admit! JHS reject. They seem to come all at once now. Anyone knows when NYU & Columbia usually sends out their reply?
  12. Yes, that’s exactly what I was trying to say. Programs seem to really vary from one to another, and that’s what I’m trying to figure out. I have a friend up at Columbia who moved to what they call “advanced standing” during her second year, and was exempted to take certain courses because of the coursework she had done at her M.A. From what I have gathered so far, this isn’t a possibility at UCLA. But I’ll see what I end up doing. Hopefully I can go to the visit day, which will be really necessary!
  13. Thank you for these great info. I understand the process of being exempted certain coursework that would be beneficial to you. My MA was very research-oriented (80 pages dissertation to write), but we had many courses that involved both our field and historical research as well (paleography training, archival course...). That’s why I think it’s important to know whether a program will consider releasing you of a coursework or language requirement (my field is Europe, and I’m fluent in three European languages). Ill definitely ask Graduate students when (if) I go to visit-day. Thank
  14. Yes, I think that’s what I meant, that you can transfer some credits towards coursework. But it seems that UCLA doesn’t do that — despite what it says on their handbook, which is why I’m double checking if other schools do do that.
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