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  1. I got my visit days schedules, and I’m trying to figure out what I should plan to do other than what is on the schedule already. How many professors should I set up appointments with before the visit day? (And should I?) Other than the POI, that is.
  2. I second that. With Microsoft Word, you can set it up that the document is automatically saved on OneDrive (you get some amount of storage for free, which should be enough for a lot of text documents). I don’t know much about MacBooks, but my laptop is pretty old (older than yours) and it’s still reliable. If you do get a new laptop, I recommend one with an SSD drive because it makes it so much faster: it never takes my laptop more than a second to load despite its old age. The ones with SSD (as opposed to HDD only) are more expensive, but when it comes to laptops, when you buy a more expensive one, it may save you money in the long run. Also, if your battery starts losing charge fast, you can always replace just the battery without buying a new laptop.
  3. I wonder why previous years' application threads reached 60-70 pages, and this year's is only at 27 pages by mid-February... Fall 2020 applicants must be busy doing important things that will get them ahead of those of us who are on Grad Cafe 😀
  4. @thattaiwnanhistoryguy I'm not doing Taiwanese history but can I just say I love your nickname. Hope you end up in a good/suitable program in the end!
  5. You should probably visit. It's always a good idea to consider all of your options, and you don't lose anything by visiting. On the other hand, if you don't go after they paid for the ticket, it doesn't even necessarily mean that they would immediately accept someone off the waitlist and the person would go instead of you. So by not visiting you pretty much just waste an opportunity to weigh in another option and make sure you are making the right decision.
  6. FruitLover


    If asked about other offers/how the program ranks among them during the visit, what is the best way to answer? I don't want to pretend like I don't have other offers, but I also wouldn't want people at the school I'm visiting to feel as if their school is in some way less attractive (if it's not my top choice pre-visit).
  7. FruitLover


    @psstein and @Sigaba these are great, thank you! Since you guys mention bathrooms and common study areas, is it common for PhD students to have offices (shared with others of course)? In what I’ve seen, some schools with master’s programs only provide offices for their TAs, but the graduate handbooks for the PhD programs I’m considering don’t mention anything about it. They do mention graduate lounges though.
  8. FruitLover


    If I may add to the question, what are some non-obvious red flags to look out for?
  9. Thank you! It was a huge surprise. Wishing everyone a fruitful decision season that’s nearing its peak!
  10. Thank you! I’m doing modern Europe
  11. I have no insights, but I got into Columbia today. Still can’t believe it! I received an email to check my application status - and there was the offer with funding information. I’m surprised more people haven’t posted anything on the results page...
  12. Did it also come your POI?
  13. Do most programs require that you do an MA thesis/exam before qualifying exams and working on your dissertation?
  14. I understand that there are things like that which may have nothing to do with our qualifications. Never heard about TA needs being one of the possible considerations, so that’s interesting. I am mainly just curious about how many people get nominated by faculty vs how many actually get admitted.
  15. Does anyone know what the common ratio of students nominated by faculty vs students admitted is? Does each POI nominate a few people or just one and does each POI get to nominate someone (that is, if there are prospective students interested in working with them and they are not retiring)?
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