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  1. What are these internships and how did you find out about them?
  2. I switched. Need more info to help you as @Modulus said.
  3. How'd that book chapter end up @Adelaide9216? I just smashed SIX HOURS of writing time today (having gotten started with my goal of just 30 minutes) - woohoo! I almost have another chapter written. Goal for this week is to finish that chapter and send it to the team.
  4. Finished grading and submitted another chapter to the team! Woohoo! Celebrated with a nap and my favorite take-out treat! Goal for the rest of this week is at least 30 minutes of writing each day. How's it going @Adelaide9216?
  5. Hi there - just in case you didn't see it - even though the thread topic says "admissions and funding" this has become an all-purpose thread for discussing what's going to be happening at various campuses in the fall, in case that's helpful to anybody -
  6. Hit my goal today! And def needed the low bar. I had 5 hours of back to back Zoom calls! Whew!
  7. My Goals for Today: 30 minutes of revising a second draft of a thesis chapter (don't laugh at the low '30 minute' mark! see the link above!)
  8. Ok I started an asynchronous one right here on GradCafe! Come join - share your goals! Be celebrated!
  9. Post your writing or other working goals here, get camaraderie, and celebrate yours and others' successes! Post whenever (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly) and share in as much or as little detail as you please. I'll "manage" the thread so you'll always have "company"! See my other post about writing tips here: Happy graduate-degree ass-kicking!
  10. Our campus just announced all remote through at least both summer sessions. Talk on the town but nothing confirmed about a hybrid fall term and partial reopening of library via curbside pickup.
  11. @Adelaide9216 Is this still an issue? Was gonna write a response but not if it's all good now
  12. I was gonna write a response to the OP but are they even around?
  13. If it's for a journal, then how is it not formal? I smell the beginnings of spam or phish bait.........
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