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  1. Join other graduate writers from the forum this Wednesday at 10am Central. DM me for the details!
  2. Writers group this Wednesday the 22nd at 10am Central time -- DM me for the details!
  3. Bump still open for people looking! Writing group going small but growing. Summer 2020
  4. I'm starting a Wednesday writing/working group through Summer 2020. Let me know if you're interested.
  5. Awesome! Thanks for sharing. Let me know if you find any good online meetups, or want to start one together. Where are you doing language classes through? And which language? Look forward to your updates here!
  6. Submitted last chapter this week! Now onto revisions.... Also will have massive writing goals this summer!
  7. What are these internships and how did you find out about them?
  8. I switched. Need more info to help you as @Modulus said.
  9. How'd that book chapter end up @Adelaide9216? I just smashed SIX HOURS of writing time today (having gotten started with my goal of just 30 minutes) - woohoo! I almost have another chapter written. Goal for this week is to finish that chapter and send it to the team.
  10. Finished grading and submitted another chapter to the team! Woohoo! Celebrated with a nap and my favorite take-out treat! Goal for the rest of this week is at least 30 minutes of writing each day. How's it going @Adelaide9216?
  11. Hi there - just in case you didn't see it - even though the thread topic says "admissions and funding" this has become an all-purpose thread for discussing what's going to be happening at various campuses in the fall, in case that's helpful to anybody -
  12. Hit my goal today! And def needed the low bar. I had 5 hours of back to back Zoom calls! Whew!
  13. My Goals for Today: 30 minutes of revising a second draft of a thesis chapter (don't laugh at the low '30 minute' mark! see the link above!)
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