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  1. Basically just copy-paste the citation form of all sources I ever read into the Master Biblio document. It works better when you are more consistent about it ........ 😬 As for the master reading notes, I guess it's more like a master thought-notes. It's where my impressions of reading materials go when they don't belong in any current writing project. In other words, if I am reading something to find a citation to include in something I am actively writing, I inevitably find other interesting material in the manuscript that is not useful for my present projects, so I will take those extra
  2. Mmmm. You raise some good points that I must consider, as my tower of papyri (hah! get it?!) begins to loom magnificently overhead........
  3. In the Essay Worksheet you can download, the Statement of Purpose doesn't have the word count or word limit listed but all the other short essays do. Does anyone see this word limit anywhere else? How are everyone's apps coming along? I am excited to do the program whether it's overseas or not - like was mentioned above, I don't have any other structured options for my language and level. Very hopeful for the support! But yes, of course it would be missing out on a massive element without physically immersing overseas.
  4. Re: timing and time organization: For my first year or two I just swam as hard as I could as long as I could and didn't really take any time or days off until I collapsed. I could handle about a year of that and should have stopped then. Now, I make sure I have one full day off from all responsibilities every week. It changes according to the timing of each term's teaching and studying responsibilities. I feel this is enough for me, and sometimes even find myself working on schoolwork anyway because I am interested. But the point is you have at least one day every week where you are "allo
  5. Agree it may be more helpful to ask the schools directly. In particular, get in touch with the department admin and see if they can put you in touch with a current student who has successfully done this, or if the admin can tell you about it.
  6. Are you not interested in a PhD? There are a few programs where master's is en route to PhD
  7. I don't know, maybe you can also be an up-and-comer and tow this as part of your angle? That's kind of what I'm going for, tbh, since I don't really see a need for caution when the employment possibilities are so limited anyway. Sure nobody had to listen to me since I'm not established in the field, but also, newness and newbies, we're kind of known for shaking things up a little aren't we?
  8. PM'ing you about the undergrad situation
  9. You mean to say, no one else is prepping 3-4 months before the first deadline? 😁
  10. Ok awesome. Maybe we should start a Middlebury thread? Or can we change this one to a combo CLS and Middlebury thread?
  11. Note to all: even before the essays, etc., save your application often 😳 ...the system kicks you out regularly.
  12. Hey, I'm probably going to apply for Mandarin... having a hard time figuring out my study-hours equivalents. I am really hoping they'll do virtual programs if summer 21 is still on lockdown instead of cancelling outright! I'm also applying to the Middlebury programs.
  13. Hi there - can I ask folks on this thread who were accepted or put on finalist lists, who wrote your letters of recommendation? Thanks!
  14. Join other graduate writers from the forum this Wednesday at 10am Central. DM me for the details!
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