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  1. I was pretty bummed about it when I got the news - I have never been to Japan because I couldn't afford it. Also, I'm not sure how true that is since unfortunately I'm on the facebook forum for CLS applicants and I have seen people get rejected 2,3,4 times in a row. I'll still reapply, but being an undergraduate underclassman, not really getting my hopes up. But I will have my GPA going for me this time, haha. If you're talking about the Davis Fellowship - it was important to note the philosophy of Kathryn Davis, the woman this fellowship is named after. Basically, preparing a mindset for
  2. You did CLS? I got rejected this summer for CLS Japanese. I studied it for 4 years in high school - the last two at AP level. I wanted to apply for Middlebury for the Japanese school in Vermont after getting rejected but their application for the Davis Fellowship closed in December and I got the news in January. I love learning languages so I was thrilled that I could finally have an opportunity to learn French at the Monterey Institute since their application for the Davis Fellowship was extended to February. I think Middlebury is more competitive since they give out less awards in gene
  3. It is extremely competitive - if you applied for the Monterey SILP like me, they only choose 10 students total for the fellowship.
  4. Of course! And thank you very much! I applied for the fellowship for the Monterey Institute since I missed the deadline to apply to Vermont, unfortunately. But my professor taught there and she has nothing but nice things to say about both Vermont and Monterey, so I am excited nonetheless!
  5. Hi! Congratulations on your acceptance! Are you attending the Vermont school...? I believe their fellowship application was due early December - I actually wanted to apply to continue Japanese studies but I didn't know about the fellowship until it was too late, but I've always wanted to learn French, so that's exciting! I should be finding out by March 15th if I was selected or not
  6. Hi everyone, I applied for the Davis Fellowship to study French at the summer intensive language program at the Middlebury Institute in Monterey. The application just closed a few days ago so I was just wondering if anyone else applied for it as well! 🤗
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