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  1. If your'e interested in biocultural methods/embodiment, a good search term to find profs is "embodied social justice". There are a few people working on it at University of Alabama in the early stages of project development.
  2. Take a look at McGill's Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Anthropology: Neotropical Environment as well. McGill also has a strong rep in biocultural methods
  3. Just in case anyone else needs this thread later... This year I applied and was accepted to the University of Alabama's Anthro MA program in Biocultural Medical Anthropology (though they do have PhD/direct to doctorate as well). While the curriculum is 4 fields, it is clear that across faculty there are great collaborations that blend methods across disciplines in the biocultural arena in many ways and in very substantive ways. Both people more on the bio side and more on the cultural ling side. Seems like Archies are pretty blended too! Worth checking out. I was recommended to chec
  4. Same with Comparative Human Development at UChicago PhD
  5. Hey! New season new offers! Anyone able to speak to how to negotiate for higher offers? Who did you ask? How did you involve your department? Tori
  6. Did anyone on this thread apply to UChicago's Comparative Human Development PhD?
  7. Even on a normal year all that is possible even as a great applicant with good fit. I got a UCSD rejection as well. I had connected to 3 POIs and even strategized with one to propose a lab rotation of sorts so they might be able to justify me if one person didn't have the numbers but not even that helped in the end! One POI (AN) mentioned she only had one slot this year and had mentioned to me before applying that even though their admissions were open there would be a much smaller cohort. *Sending supportive vibes* I may be making the 2022 thread before this month is o
  8. Just got my rejection via portal this morning. Good luck to all! As I mentioned in my results update, at least for biological, my POI mentioned that they may have to accept a smaller cohort this year for budget reasons but unclear if that's still true.
  9. First Acceptance! Woo! Phone call no interview for University of Alabama Tuscaloosa's MA program in Biocultural Medical Anthro. While POI mentioned they almost always find funding for Master's students, no funding as of yet but we shall see! Happy to answer any q's about the program or the process as I learn more. For my other schools I applied for PhD, but this school seemed to work more like the european system where they prefer people start with MA then continue on to PhD if it's a fit. There is a direct to doctorate option though where funding is always guaranteed.
  10. Fingers crossed for us all! I'm a biocultural anthropologist looking to do work on neuroanthropology particularly studying mechanisms of embodiment and the nature of human experience My undergrad thesis looked at experiences of uncertainty among American college seniors looking toward life after graduation. I studied Biological Sciences (Neuroscience), Anthropology (Biocultural), and Philosophy in undergrad. I graduated over 5 years ago and have worked in education/academic-adjacent jobs including some work on a field-site studying Prairie restorations using phylogenetics. I'm a
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