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  1. Thank you for your perspective- I really appreciate it! Two clarifications: I did major in political science and complete it with a 3.0, and I took the GRE prior to COVID. I'm also not planning on applying in this cycle, but rather am wondering how to best continue engaging with the discipline and strengthen my application.
  2. Ah- also forgot to mention that I was on the pre-med track my first two years, though my academic difficulties did go beyond that.
  3. Hi all! I'm looking for advice on how to shore up my application given my undergrad GPA. I was unable to really balance the demands of a chronic illness and working, though I started a new treatment my senior year that made a huge difference and my grades improved immensely. While I have two Cs in Political Science, I have only received As since starting the new treatment and have even taken courses post-grad and received As. I'm planning on spending some time before applying but because of the job market, will probably limit my application to top 10-15 schools. Is there anything I can do to k
  4. The forum tends to drop off in traffic after application season is finished, so while you're all here, I thought I'd ask what you would have done differently. As someone about to start the application process with no real sources of help beyond faculty, I'd love to hear your advice!
  5. Thanks everyone for your input- this is super helpful. To clarify, I'm pretty clear on the content and structure needs but I really wasn't sure how to kick it off and lead into the rest of the SOP. Looks like a sentence quickly summarizing who I am / how my research interests developed is best.
  6. While the current cycle's applicants are here, I thought I'd start a thread that can be helpful for those of us yet to apply. I'm starting to think about my SOP and I know what it should look like content-wise, but I don't know what it should look like from a style perspective, especially in terms of starting the SOP. Starting with "I would like to apply to PhD programs because ... " seems a little stilted and jarring. Are there any good resources with examples, or focused on what the SOP should look like?
  7. BIG BRAIN TIME not actually in this cycle, but hoping to apply in the next cycle or two so I've been lurking and seeing what I can learn from the experience. Best of luck to all of you, and when you get in make sure to come back and post every now and then to help the rest of us poor suckers out
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