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  1. I did! Thank you for the replies :) also to @BrownSugar
  2. Anyone else preparing for the PhD interviews at EUI? Luckily I've gotten a bit of information through common friends but having to present in front of a big panel makes me super nervous 😐
  3. Trying again, anyone here who has applied for one if the doctoral programmes? I applied for the one in Governance and haven't heard anything since.
  4. Hey everyone, I can feel all this. It's pretty similar for me. I've gotten one rejection already and I start being afraid that I haven't put enough time in my application. I am working full-time and literally wrote my research proposal while I was sick with Covid for 2 weeks and Christmas break, because those were the only times I had time. I don't want to be stuck in this job any longer, but knowing the application might not be good enough makes me really anxious. I also feel like my career path is not "straight" enough as I just recently realized that I wanted to pursue a PhD, so my CV doesn
  5. Anyone here who has applied for one of the PhD programs? I applied to the PhD in Governance and wondered when to expect to hear back for interviews or (hopefully not) a rejection.
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