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  1. Thanks! English teaching there is probably attainable. I haven’t taught English there before, but I did teach English in a different country for 2 years. I did study abroad for 1 semester in this country.
  2. I'm in an MA anthropology program and we don't get our thesis research funded. So I recently found out that I'm an alternate for a grant that would have allowed me to live abroad and conduct my thesis research. It's not like I was hoping to get a grant as competitive as this one obviously, but I'm down about it because now I might have to change my thesis topic. I *could* take out loans to travel and live abroad and do my research, but I'd rather not. Basically I might have to change my project and do something in the US to save on money, which I'm pretty bummed about. I can apply again for the grant, but of course there's no guarantee that I'd get it on another try (my 3rd try) and I don't want to put all my eggs into one basket, writing a proposal for research that I might not be able to do. Also a summer job in the country where I wanted to conduct research that seemed like a possibility fell through. I've been down lately Any words of wisdom for me?
  3. I'm an alternate. Great 😕
  4. I'm going CRAAAAAAZY waiting for this answer. It's driving me nuts - even more so than grad app decisions did!
  5. This semester, I am a "floating TA/RA" for my department, which basically means any of my subfield faculty can call on me to grade quizzes, transcribe interviews, do library research, create bibs, summarize articles, read articles and send notes to profs, etc. Officially, I'm billed as a TA. At my state school, RAs get 100% tuition remission and TAs get 71% tuition remission of instate tuition. The department cannot bill be as an RA. I'm talking to my friend about it and she seems to think that I should be getting recognition for helping profs with their research, like being listed as a co-author whatever. Like one of my profs, for example, will be submitting an article for publication in the next month and she wants me to carefully read some sources for her and send her notes about how they got particular figures and what sources they used. I was never told that I'd be a co-author on anything. What is typical for RAs?
  6. I'm recommended for Costa Rica (research). But now my hopes are up.... :(
  7. The NSF graduate research fellowship supports people in research-based Master’s programs.
  8. So...I’m starting my MA degree in applied anthro in August and I must decide on a location to do research for my thesis (as well as a thesis topic dang it). I don’t have a proposal written yet or even a central idea, but I’m hoping to propose a project on animal ethics, eating animals, edibility, maybe incorporating the livestock industry and vegetarianism/vegan movements. I don’t have it narrowed down yet. Oops. My plan is to have my thesis proposal written and approved by the spring term, and I applied for Fulbright 3 years ago, so I may be able to recycle some stuff from that app. Similar topic, but dammit I can’t decide on a central topic or location. I don’t know who I want to conduct ethnographic interviews with yet, but my “latest” idea was with vegans...like...why vegans choose veganism and what this means for the livestock industry. Maybe use snowball sampling or something to find people. The US might be a good place to do vegan/vegetarian movements because they’re probably more popular here than in other countries. I could also do livestock industry stuff too. The US is also one of countries that is like imperialistic and invades other countries with animal ethics, so....yeah. My main concern is about funding. My uni might not fund my summer 2019 MA thesis research, so I plan on applying for an NSF and a Fulbright this Fall. I’d want to propose a topic that’s the most likely to be funded. Anyway, are funding agencies more likely to fund domestic (US) projects or projects that take place abroad? I may not get any internal uni funding or external funding...in the case Idk what I’d do. Maybe delay doing research until I could secure funding. (My program can be completed in 2-3 years). I can speak Spanish and French somewhat fluently and in undergrad I conducted ethnographic work in Central America and also in the Caribbean. **also I should add that I understand that animal activism is imperialistic. I’m a a white American, so I practically embody imperialism.
  9. What should I do between now and August to prepare?
  10. I’ve been waitlisted somewhere. They never told me, I had to contact the director. They said that I should be notified in a few weeks if something changes...but...I’ve been admitted to other places. What should I do about the waitlist? Could I ask how far I am down on the list and then make a decision if I wanna commit somewhere else?
  11. I'm still waiting on USF (South Florida). Nothing!
  12. Chiming in: does it matter at all for MA programs? I'm assuming not because you wouldn't be applying to TT jobs with a MA degree..
  13. This is my 3rd year applying...don’t really feel like applying again unless it’s for a PhD program. Both programs are funded for the school year, so I don’t think that I’d need to take out loans for that. Theses at these programs are mandatory, so I’d have to do summer research if I’d want to graduate.
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