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  1. nope I haven't heard anything from EEES. And thanks!
  2. Thanks! I am waitlisted for a fellowship there, however, and there was no mention of a TA ship. Funding will be decided based on how many people turn down offers. I was admitted with funding to other programs, so I will likely reject their offer unless funding comes through - then I might consider.
  3. Here! Unless there’s another. I got an email from my prospective advisor. He said an official letter would come soon. I’m cultural.
  4. Thought I'd chime in - I'm still waiting to hear back from Georgia anthropology, UTSA anthropology, and Dartmouth Evolution, Ecology, Environment and Society (EEES). I got rejected by UT-Austin. Otherwise I've gotten two acceptances.
  5. Any wisdom about either department? I was admitted to both. Their funding packages are similar.
  6. Hi, I was wondering what the most accurate website was for comparing cities' cost of living with different stipend amounts. I ask because each website (payscale, Best Places, Area Vibes, etc.) says something different about the same city.
  7. I was admitted to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  8. Hey all. So I’ve heard from multiple professors over the years that some universities are better than others for anthropology. I’m really clueless to rankings. I mean I hear things, like...Michigan, Arizona, Chicago, etc. Are top anthro programs. Idk what that’s based on. And I’ve only heard bad things about Chicago anth. For example, my professor said something about “Georgia not being top-tier, but Arizona...” or whatever. I applied to 6 PhD programs this year and I’ve been admitted to one. But Idk if it’s “top tier.” My acceptance letter says that they’re a top 15 progra
  9. Thanks! Found out today that I was admitted to another program and was nominated for a fellowship there!
  10. Hey all. I got my first grad school interview ever scheduled for Thursday. I'm both excited and nervous. This is my 4th application cycle so I hope something good comes from it.
  11. I applied to Georgia for Fall 2021. I didn't submit GRE scores because it's not required this year. My application still says "awaiting materials" though because I didn't send any GRE scores. Anyone else in my same boat?
  12. I think my application has improved over time, especially this year. I will be getting my MA, so I have a MUCH better idea of what I’d do for a dissertation. in the past maybe I didn’t apply to many “safety” programs, although I don’t really think that any PhD program is a “safety.” This year there’s more of a range, or tier differences, at least.
  13. Hey y'all - long time no see! I haven't been on this site in probably 3 years! Between the years of 2015 and 2017, I applied 3 times for grad programs. On my 3rd round, I ended up getting into a funded MA program, which I'm currently writing my thesis for. I've decided to apply again to PhD programs! I feel crazy for applying 4 times...but maybe 4th time's a charm? Over the years, I've submitted 23 grad school applications and got 19 rejections. This year I'm applying to 7 PhD programs. I hope it's not 7 more rejections.
  14. Thanks! English teaching there is probably attainable. I haven’t taught English there before, but I did teach English in a different country for 2 years. I did study abroad for 1 semester in this country.
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