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  1. @CooperSlyI also applied to Dartmouth EEES but haven’t heard anything. I read on their page that they do interviews in January and February with offers in March, but I haven’t seen anyone post that they’ve been asked to interview so idk.
  2. Since decisions have started rolling in, I wanted to wish everyone good luck! Admissions to anthro seems so random and there’s a lot of luck involved—I think that’s probably even more true this year with COVID and fewer spots. I’m hoping to see a lot of acceptances in this thread, but a gentle reminder that a rejection says nothing about your ability to be a great anthropologist. One of my fav grad students was rejected by all schools for the first 2 application seasons, but in that third application season, had a wave of acceptances... stay strong y’all. We got this!
  3. @Medinari I had the same question. I’m not sure but I think CUNY’s BioAnth program runs on a different timeline than Cultural? Even the application deadlines were different with Cultural’s being two weeks earlier. Based on the results page, it looks like some applicants in Bioanth in the past were offered interviews early to mid February, and that decisions were typically given late February to Early March. Obviously I’m not 100% sure but I think the interviews/decisions are all from cultural applicants so far—wishing you good news in the coming weeks!
  4. Do any of y'all know if that UMich and CUNY interviews a couple weeks ago were all cultural? After creeping previous years threads, it looks like cultural and bio apps can be on different timelines even at the same schools, with bio frequently hearing back later than cultural (unfortunately for my sanity lol). I've been trying to figure out if all of the UMich and CUNY interviews listed so far are cultural--a lot of labeled as sociolcultural but there's one or two listed only as "Anthropology" w/out a sub discipline which has me wondering...
  5. I literally just created an account to contribute! I applied to BioAnth programs at Northwestern, Michigan, CUNY and Dartmouth. I've been in contact with people from each of these programs and it sounds like they are all planning on accepting students (Michigan is a bit of a question mark for funding though). I had planned on applying to Boulder, so it was a bummer when I found out they weren't accepting, although they weren't my first choice so fingers crossed!
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