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  1. We were postponed until summer or fall 2021 for now, but told that we'd have to be back by the end of 2021 no matter what. So as of right now, none of our awards have actually been rescinded, though many of us are dropping out. Some are reapplying in hopes of being able to do something long term. Doesn't seem like we're getting any sort of priority for this cycle, but there was a question on the application that did identify us as 2020 recipients, so maybe that's something.
  2. Somebody else did the bulk of work, I just added days of the week and the info for the last 2 years If we're taking bets, I'll say March 2nd!
  3. See my comment on page 2, I listed the finalist notification times from previous years. That will give you a rough idea.
  4. You're right, it's probably not a great idea to be making that change last minute, especially when things are so uncertain. Kansai Gaidai was definitely a wonderful experience for me as well! Really glad I had that opportunity.
  5. Last minute question: are people applying for the summer domestic component? I was not going to, but now I am thinking maybe I should. I could always change my plans later. Though one of my concerns is that I may be in a situation where I do the summer component through some online program and then it's still not safe enough to travel in the fall, so I'd be stuck having "done" Boren and having the service requirement without really getting a good experience.
  6. At that time I went to Kansai Gaidai University.
  7. I'm applying for the Japanese Fellowship as well! Nope, it doesn't mean anything at all, it's only someone to help you make your application better. My undergrad university didn't have a Boren Advisor or even anyone who knew what Boren was, but I still got the Scholarship. It's not really something that makes or breaks your application.
  8. Yes, that's right! We will be notified whether we are finalists, alternates, or rejected.
  9. Applying to the Fellowship for Japanese again!
  10. Almost definitely in the next couple days, I would say. Here's more: Semifinalist notifications: 2020: Jan 13 (M) 2019: Jan 16 (W) 2018: Jan 16 (T) 2017: Jan 18 (W) 2016: Jan 28 (Th) 2015: Jan 13 (T) Finalist notifications: 2020: Feb 27 (Th) (45 days later) 2019: Feb 28 (Th) (43 days later) 2018: Mar 1 (Th) (44 days later) 2017: Mar 7 (T) (28 days later) 2016: Mar 8 (T) (39 days later) 2015: Feb 26 (Th) (44 days later)
  11. None of these, unfortunately. Used to have WeChat, but could not recover my account. Let me send you a private message with other options and hopefully if anyone else is interested, they will reach out to one of us.
  12. Nice! I'd be down for a group chat, but probably wouldn't want to get Slack just for one thing. I'm open to other options though.
  13. Going for Japanese, so IUC-Yokohama. How about you?
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