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  1. I have no idea, since I didn't work on the application myself, but have you tried emailing them? They seem like they would be pretty responsive about these things.
  2. Oh yes, that's definitely the same thing. 500 words is the limit and you won't even be able to submit if any of the essays are even one word over. I'd also say don't copy and paste at the last second that you have to submit, because I remember their word counter being just a tiny bit different from Word (maybe in how they count hyphenated words or something like that).
  3. We just got an update yesterday, actually. Only 3 countries are allowed for Spring 2020 - Taiwan, Thailand, and Cambodia. Everyone else is allowed to defer to Summer or Fall, but must still come back by December 31, 2021. I guess now a lot of people will reject the award, so maybe there will be some alternates moving up. Not sure though, so it's best to reach out to a Boren advisor directly.
  4. What Essay Worksheet are you talking about? The word limit is 500 words on the actual application portal. Haven't really worked on my application yet, but all I really need to do is update mine from last year. A bit daunting, but there's still lots of time to think about improving my essays. How about you?
  5. I don't think anything official has been published yet, but yes, they said they may hold some or all of the 2021 CLS online. I would not expect anything to roll over to next year, they will just ask you to reapply, like it happened this year. Yeah, if you can't be in the country yourself, it does take away from the experience A LOT. I would not say it defeats the purpose though. They still work really hard to deliver the best instruction possible. And many people do CLS because there are no other options available for them. It would still be a summer of intense language lessons for free.
  6. Actually, now that I think of it, it's still quite early for Middlebury, so that thread would likely get buried.
  7. That's a good idea! A separate thread would be best, because CLS threads tend to get very busy closer tot the deadline, as well as when the results come out. I'll get on that!
  8. I didn't worry too much about contact hours. It was pretty straightforward for regular university classes, but for my self-study times, I just made a very approximate calculation. It does seem very likely that they will be doing virtual programs! They tried very hard to make them happen this year, and next year they will be even better prepared. I'm thinking of applying to Middlebury as well! I haven't applied there before, so if anyone has any tips, I would love to hear. And yes, I will be applying to Japanese!
  9. Who is thinking of applying for CLS this year and what languages are you all interested in? Wondering if they will send anyone abroad this summer at all.
  10. Mine were always professors, but it could easily be a supervisor of some kind. The important thing is that they know you well and can speak to your character and strengths, especially as it relates to CLS goals and selection criteria.
  11. Okay guys, I made a Facebook group, it's called 2020-2021 Boren Scholars and Fellows. Feel free to join! Couple things: I have never made a Facebook group before and have very limited activity on that site. So if anyone at all wants to either help or even take over the admin role, PLEASE let me know. Also, we are a group of people who are interested in national security and are about to study abroad, so we all need to be careful (like, we have no way to verify every member is actually a Boren, so don't post about your awesome CIA job or whatever in the group). And let me know if you have
  12. There's an official Boren Facebook page for current and past scholars and fellows. I think you will all have a chance to join after you accept the award. But if we want to have a separate group for our cohort, I'd be down for sure! It would be good to connect and see how things are going for everyone, share advice, find people going to the same places, etc.
  13. Selected as a Fellow for Japanese! Pretty excited about that! For those who are alternates, here's something you might want to know: apparently, last year Boren ran out of alternates, so this year they likely chose a few extra. This means that 1) there is a larger pool of alternates and 2) lots of people decline their award, so your chances are still pretty good! Best of luck to everyone, don't lose hope and your passion no matter what your status is!
  14. I'm afraid to look, I almost don't even want to know
  15. Most likely just postponed, since they're flexible with dates anyway. But would really suck for the programs that only start in the fall!
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