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  1. The fact that they allowed extensions for the 2020 cohort despite being pretty adamant about it earlier (and likely facing restrictions with gov budgeting) should definitely make you optimistic that even if things aren't so great for the 2021 cohort by winter/spring, you'll still be able to to defer further.
  2. Oh? Have you heard from someone you know or in another group? Any idea if it was for Flagship or general Boren?
  3. I haven't checked the portal since submitting the application, but yeah, mine is empty as well. I think that's normal though. My previous year's application on there is also empty.
  4. From what I understand, this is how it works. Person A and person B accept by May 2nd. In July, they're told that their country is a no-go for the fall. Person A decides to hold out and wait to see is maybe they can go in winter/spring/or even summer. So they are just deferred, but still considered to be a recipient, so nothing changes. Person B decides it's not worth it due to conflicting plans or something, and declines their award at that time. This means that an alternate of a similar profile will get promoted. (Whether they take into account approved vs non-approved for the fall countries
  5. Hard to tell. There may be a wave of notifications after the May 2 deadline. Possibly one more in around July, when they announce which countries are a no-go. But otherwise, it could be at about any time.
  6. So apparently I was not quite right on this. My campus Boren advisor says that when Boren promotes alternates, they generally try to choose someone who is a close match based on the application package. This goes for amount of funds requested and country/language (or at least the region). He didn't say it, but my guess is that academic background and career aspirations could also play into this. This was also hinted at by the Boren Asia advisor's email I recently got. So looks like alternates are not really taken from a general pool and your country choice matters more than I thought.
  7. *** this is true but does NOT apply to 2021 Virtual Institutes. If you participate in 2021, it does count against the limit.
  8. I totally get your feeling! It's awful that there's now this whole other level of uncertainty added to our already mess of a situation.
  9. Nope, just the regular Fellowship program to Japan
  10. I think another thing to consider is that Boren very likely has different standards for students of different levels. For example, I was accepted at first try for the Scholarship a few years ago, even though when I look back, I see that my essays were not that great at all. But I went to some school that nobody knows and doesn't have a Boren advisor or any other previous finalists, so maybe that bumped me up in some way. Last year, I was accepted as a Fellowship finalist, and although I updated my application a bit for this cycle, maybe they expected a lot more experience/achievements from a 2
  11. That's good, sometimes a campus representative might also be able to shed some light on these things, if they've been in the position for a while. Yep, I am an alternate right now as well.
  12. I think they would look at the strength of your application rather than the country itself, so don't worry! I meant that I don't think they have a "line" of finalists-alternates per each country. So it wouldn't be like if one person declines for Cambodia, the next best alternate for Cambodia would get it. But again, that's just my opinion, I don't really know how their system works. But let us know if you hear back!
  13. It's hard to tell, but I'm pretty sure it would be for the entire Boren program. They don't really have spots per country and some countries may have only one or two finalists without any alternates or even applicants behind in the line. They might take the country or part of the world into consideration, but I'd think in general, it would not matter too much. Just my opinion based on the data I've seen.
  14. Not a dumb question at all! I think you'd usually receive how much you asked for, unless it was very clear that you overestimated. Or if your program changed and the new one is cheaper, you'd have to ask them to adjust accordingly. Your amount can also be adjusted when you already start the program, if you find out you need to use less. It's always easy to go lower, they'll happily take back the money. It's more tricky to request a higher amount and approval is not guaranteed. I don't quite remember if there would be a separate email, but if your country has not been approved yet, you mi
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