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  1. Finally checked the email and was denied for a Fellowship. Best of luck to everyone moving forward!
  2. Does anyone happen to know what email address decisions will come from? I want to set up notifications for anything from them rather than checking my email every 10 minutes on Thursday and Friday.
  3. Best of luck to everyone! We made it past the application deadline and now the waiting game begins. I would love to hear everyone's updates as they hear back on their applications!
  4. Best of luck! I'm applying for Korean and also hoping everything is still good for the region to go in the fall. We didn't have a preliminary process so I don't even know how many are applying from my university.
  5. Who is planning to apply for a Boren Scholarship or Boren Fellowship this year? The deadline is coming up, but I haven't seen a thread on this topic yet! I would love to hear what everyone is planning to apply for and how it's going. There might be a lot of uncertainty this year given the public health situation in a lot of countries, so I hope we can navigate through it together.
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