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  1. Yeah! I knew a bunch of people who got it 2020 but were alternates 2021 but now it doesn't matter that much!!
  2. Ok I'm excited we can use the scholarship again LMAO
  3. I srsly wish we'd get the email for which countries are a go this fall. I want to get bumped up from alternate. 2020 award is unavailable for use because my program in Tajikistan canceled and the award expires this December.
  4. Oh wait did anyone go to the welcome event online ? Was it worthwhile
  5. Yeah I'm pretty sure it's a while until foreigners can enter the country and then you'll have to quarantine for like 21 days so the summer program is practically impossible now.
  6. Yeah I sent an email, and for those as flagship alternatives.. yall will be first to hear back since there is a domestic portion of the program starting on June 1st. Other scholarship recipients are mostly going to wait until July to see if fall 2021 is a go or not. Then, it is most likely that some alternates will get moved up. I'm glad I still have a 2020 award I might get to use in the fall, but certainly was looking forward to a whole year abroad. That's the info I got! Looks like most of us will be waiting until July some time to see what the deal is with travel eligibility, alternate sta
  7. When can alternates most likely expect to hear back?
  8. Me too! It's really frustrating being given a cookie and then someone saying jk maybe I'll give it to you this next time. MAN I JUST WANNA KNOW 😩 I've been waiting for a year to leave and I still haven't been able to and fall semester is the last chance we have to go under a 2020 scholarship. And if I don't get bumped up It's as if I was never awarded one in the first place given travel in the fall isn't possible for my 2020 award
  9. So you also got the scholarship last year but alternative this year? Same with me. I wonder what happened:/
  10. I'll manifest the release date for tomorrow the 12th. We will all know tomorrow
  11. Yeah all that is left is application proof! I don't know when they did this but it probably means they are getting things in order!
  12. Honestly i wish they would come out earlier 🤣 the wait is excruciating and I know it came the 15th last year but stillllllllllllllllll
  13. Hi! Ok I am no one to tell you what to do but PLEASE look into GKS global Korea scholarship funded by South Korea and it is basically a full ride for both undergrad and graduate students. It's a bit confusing but they will pay for most of your education and also provides you 1 year of Korean Language prior to your 2 year masters program. I dont know exactly what youre doing but I'd recommend taking a gap year and applying to scholarships.... no need to go 100k in the hole in my opinion. Life has changed since the Pandemic and I truly believe no one should feel pressured to rush on to the next
  14. I got the scholarship last year for Uzbek in Tajikistan but seeing that I must use the award before 2022 I decided to apply again this year! I hope all goes smoothly and that I am able to use it for the upcoming academic year. It was a real bummer to delay it a year but I hope it will pay off in the end.
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