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  1. Hey, did you have any reflections to share from your call with the alum? Sounds really helpful
  2. Did anyone else receive an email from the admissions office with feedback about your application and why they rejected your application? I received one this morning and was really grateful to have the opportunity to receive that kind of feedback!
  3. Congrats on your acceptance 🙂I applied to NSEG at Oxford (haven't heard back yet) and the MPhil in Enviro Policy at Cambridge (waitlisted). I'm in at Columbia for the MPA-ESP so I'm just waiting to see if any other miracles happen...
  4. I would be able to apply for scholarships, but I'd be pretty much roped into the program offer as it stands with $0 financial aid. I would essentially just have more time to hit those external fall scholarship deadlines that I missed this year. Thanks for the reply, btw 🙂 I will just need to find a way to hypnotize myself into forgetting what date it is so that April comes quicker! Hehe
  5. I'm not sure actually — I'm guessing it would be somewhere in between getting appointed to Biden's cabinet and getting a cool new job in March
  6. Hey, thanks for weighing in, that's really nice of you! 🙂 Yeah... could be true that just staying in the flow of things could help, I do have carpal tunnel after working nonstop on my thesis, so I was really hoping for some time away to recover xD Thank you for your response — I think in all honesty, I totally overlooked this when I was evaluating the strength of their programs. It seemed like the proximity of SIPA to UN HQ and other international bodies would be a huge plus, but now it's looking like a tiny plus because of how expensive all of this could be
  7. I was accepted last week to the MPA-ESP program but $0 funding, so terrifying. I was reading through threads on reddit of students in $90k+ debt and what it feels like, and it made me feel sick to my stomach, truly. I wish I could defer but it looks like they have really strict rules about it, only accepting exceptional professional opportunities as reasons for deferral. I'm hoping I'll get accepted to a fellowship I applied for so that I can argue that it counts as a valid "professional" reason to defer.
  8. I applied for this cycle (for S. Korea), and FINGERS CROSSED I get this, because otherwise I will have to start my grad program 2 days after graduating from my undergrad program, and I will be taking on $100k+ in debt because I missed the deadlines for major scholarship opportunities in the fall. The 1-year offset from the Boren is really the only way I can see myself getting out of this mess... but we hear back in April, right?
  9. Hey, long shot that you'd respond a year later but I am wondering how you found out about the appeals process. It wasn't advertised in my admission letter and I didn't find information about it anywhere else. I am terrified about the prospect of paying sticker price for this degree and hope I can appeal to the admissions office. Even if nothing changed, I'd feel better that I tried to advocate for myself.
  10. I got into Columbia for the MPA-ESP program (but with $0 funding, ouch!) but I wasn't surprised since I'm about to be a fresh undergrad. I didn't apply to any other programs in the US, but I did apply to the MPhil in Enviro Policy at Cambridge (waitlisted), the MSc. in NSEG at Oxford (waiting to hear back), and the MPP at Oxford (waiting to hear back). I'm much more policy-oriented so the Duke Nicholas & Yale MEM programs didn't appeal to me as much. Trying to make a hard decision about accepting Columbia or not... deadline is March 31. If anyone has input, I would appreciate it so mu
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