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  1. You have not mentioned what your academic and professional interests are. Why you want to pursue either of these courses? In general, public policy programs are geared more towards imparting policy research and analysis skills with an end-goal of evidence-based policy making in your chosen policy domain. International Affairs programs are focussed on providing you conceptual knowledge of a wide variety of interdisciplinary issues such as geopolitics, conflict management, human rights, political economy, diplomacy, sustainable development, etc. You can refer career reports of schools like HKS,
  2. While the schools are mostly not-so-flexible about accepting admissions material after deadlines, in your case chances are that they will be accomodating as its just an update and moreover you applied in Early Action Round. My suggestion is to send an email to admissions informing them about your offer and attach an updated resume. Anyhow its not gonna harm in any way, so why not do it. SIPA tends to finalize decisions by 15 December. You can expect them to roll out anytime after that. Last year the date was 19th December.
  3. A SAIS student with a deferred admit here. Feel free to post your program and application related queries. Will try my best to answer them.
  4. I would try to improve that Quants score to atleast somewhere in the range of 152-155, if I could, as it is well below their median range for the MA program. Since a GRE/GMAT score is optional, my advice would be to not submit unless you are able to improve it. Focus on highlighting parts of your application that can show your quantitative skills. You can dm me if you wish to for SAIS related application queries. I am enrolled at SAIS for Fall 2021 start (deferred my admit due to Covid).
  5. That 158 on Quants is a bit less than what admissions team would consider impressive, however it should be in their acceptable range. Do ensure that some other parts of your application are able to demonstrate your quantitative abilities. 322 overall is decent with that great 164 Verbal. Any score in the range of 320+ should be fine. My advice would be: Acceptable scores: Q 157+, V 155+ Impressive scores: Q 162+, V 159+ Disclaimer: Scores perception and emphasis will depend on several factors like how long you have been out of school, educational background, GPA, etc. For someon
  6. You can have a look at alumni profiles given at this link. https://mdp.berkeley.edu/alumni/
  7. You can submit the fellowship essays by January 5. I have submitted the application in early action round and it allows you to upload fellowship related documents.
  8. As the application season has begun, I felt we should have a thread for prospective applicants for MIA/MPA and other Graduate programs at SIPA (commencing in Fall 2021). We can discuss application related stuff and other other relevant topics here.
  9. You can try asking HKS for funding by telling them about your Princeton offer and see if they offer you something. But even with full funding at HKS, I believe that Princeton's program is a notch above the MPP program of HKS. I myself am from an Asian country and I can understand the pull of Harvard's brand name and extremely solid network. But Princeton is also quite reputed and well-known globally. So if it truly offers the courses that you are excited about then you shouldn't ponder too much.
  10. I had applied late but received my decision soon around 18th March. Financial aid decisions would most probably be rolled out this week itself. COVID-19 is going to definitely have an impact on my decision as I too do not want to take online classes. Moreover it is also going to create Visa issues for us international students. So let's see how things unfold in the coming months. Deferral is definitely an option.
  11. I have received admit for their Atlantis program but am yet to receive financial aid decision. I received an email that stated that financial aid decisions will be rolled out latest by April 1.
  12. I applied late in the process but have received a decision yesterday. Got into the MAIR program and the Atlantis Dual Degree program. Has anyone received financial aid decisions yet? My acceptance email said they will release fin aid decisions latest by 1st April.
  13. 22nd post is up on the blog. No decisions today. And since tomorrow was not specifically ruled out, I think it could be the day we have been waiting for. Another day of waiting. Keep the discussion going on.
  14. 2 years at SIPA without any aid is not possible for me as well, especially when SAIS and Fletcher have given me some aid. I am however considering the option to pursue a dual degree at SIPA with one year at a low cost School.
  15. Im leaning towards SAIS Europe for now due to higher aid, strength of program in my area of interest, a full year in DC and lower cost of attendance during the year at Bologna. However, I really like the flexibility offered by the MALD program in contrast to the mandatory economics concentration at SAIS, especially as I want to explore other career sectors before finalizing one. Also the tight-knit community of Fletcher, its strong alumni base, and its collaboration with Harvard Graduate Schools seem important to me. I will be requesting both schools to reconsider financial aid and I will fact
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