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  1. i'm deferring georgetown and if they don't offer any financial aid in the next cycle then i will just turn it down, maybe apply again in a few years (assuming they stay GRE optional), or just forget about this altogether
  2. Joel Hellman, the dean of Georgetown University’s Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, said that the excitement was also trickling to academic programs that train future diplomats. Applications to the school’s graduate programs, including its masters of science degree in foreign service, jumped 40 percent this cycle, he said, the single largest increase in “living memory." /NY Times article.
  3. has anyone submitted the deferral request form? if so, has it been approved yet? how long did it take
  4. (Gtown SFS, 2 programs) Grad skool ain’t worth 80k full price Maybe in a couple years they’ll change their mind about money
  5. fyi that's how admissions works, the grad school of arts and science sends acceptances and funding. if you got none, you got none. only emails i'd expect now are probably from ssp inviting you to an open house or something
  6. for people who did not get aid for ssp, does the letter have a sentence about "you requested money but we didn't give you any"? my masia letter says that, but ssp just says nothing about money at all
  7. Part of me wants to beg and part of me just wants to turn the admissions offers down and save myself the embarassment.
  8. fwiw i still haven't gotten the email notification - so everyone should just refresh their portal
  9. Got into both programs I applied for (Georgetown Asian Studies and Security Studies) but got no money from either so I'm probably not going to grad school anymore Applied on a whim due to pandemic and waived GRE, already employed, was gonna attend for personal enjoyment. But 75k+ for "personal enjoyment" is a bit expensive. That's a lot of personal enjoyment traveling the world five times over.
  10. my asian studies letter had a paragraph about "unfortunately we couldn't offer you any merit aid" but the SSP letter just says nothing. ugh
  11. in at ssp, no mention of money in the letter welp have strangely not received any emails about it, just refreshed the status page. wonder if there's an error or something?
  12. Also confirmed no funding for MASIA, so turning that one down.
  13. Is there some reason my official letter isn’t here? Has admit office died or something?
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