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  1. I think they added a quant resume this year too for some programs, but I might have misread it.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply! 1. That is what I was leaning towards also with Georgetown. I've requested more info on Conflict Res but I think the MSFS makes more sense. Better shot at funding as you say. 2. Notre Dame has a fully-funded Peace/Justice program which has a decent reputation I think, hence why it is on the list. I take your point though. 3. I was looking at Chicago briefly a minute ago but wasn't sure of its reputation? Stanford is too APAC for me, I'm very much Africa focused. 4. Haha! One for DMs.
  3. Not after application advice per se, but I just want to make sure I haven't missed any programs before I start working on the rest of them! I'm looking for an IR/Human Rights/Conflict Resolution-type program. I've carried out exhaustive research on these, but let me know if you see somewhere I should consider. My list is (ranked from top choice down). Georgetown MSFS or Conflict Resolution Harvard Kennedy MPP Princeton SPIA MPA Yale Jackson MA Global Affairs Notre Dame MA Global Affairs (International Peace Studies). Is there a great program I shou
  4. This is fantastic advice. Please heed it! You will likely get far more out of your graduate school experience by considering these points.
  5. I think I've convinced myself to apply again. I'd expect in-person teaching too... Surely that will be the case? I note that SAIS' Early Application season is now open.
  6. I can understand that! Everywhere you look there is a need for better-informed decision makers. It sounds like it makes sense to apply in your instance. I also don't really want to delay another year... I just deeply dislike the uncertainty. Everyone is dealing with that uncertainty though, so perhaps I just want to have my cake and eat it too! I'm still intending to apply at this point, I'm just significantly less enthusiastic than I was. I'm also keen to see how these schools will deal with the GRE issue. Let's hope the admission's gods are kind this cycle.
  7. I've been patiently biding my time, building up my profile ready for this application season.... but obviously the world is very different to what it was then. There is great uncertainty about funding prospects, what courses will look like, what cohorts will look like... I know where I'm applying (Georgetown MSFS, GWU Elliot, Harvard Kennedy, Princeton, Notre Dame). It has been my plan for a very long time to apply this year, but now I'm not sure. I'm sure others must be having similar thoughts - what are you thinking?
  8. Yes these are interesting times. They have extended their application deadline until May 1st, so maybe they are struggling a bit more than other schools.
  9. I'm not applying this cycle but wanted to note how much money they must be spending on marketing this cycle. I get endless YouTube Ads (literally after pretty much every video), Emails and so on. Inescapable! That doesn't mean it isn't effective... I've just seen those videos dozens of times now.
  10. That's really interesting, who didn't need the GRE this time around? When I did a cycle a couple of years ago, everybody needed them- but that was for PhDs. I'm so glad people are dropping that requirement!
  11. Not applying this cycle but noticed that Michigan SEAS is waiving the application fees for some or all of their programs this year. Makes it a free shot for most of you, so why not have a go? I live in Ann Arbor- it is pretty nice here. I also continue to be impressed by afar from the apparent resources put in to Duke's programs. I don't know whether that is felt 'on the ground' so to speak, but they seem a lot better at social media at least than some other departments across the country.
  12. Hey @syza, there's a really good resource here that I liked- he tends to update it every year too which is awesome! http://www.justinholman.com/2017/07/27/2017-geography-graduate-program-rankings/ I'm not sure if I'll put an application in this cycle just yet, I might leave it a year to gain a bit more experience or pick up a MSc in the UK. Good luck to all of you who apply this time around- may luck be on your side!
  13. Well done on your admits all! I've missed out on Berkeley and Wisconsin-Madison, and had a very odd rejection from Michigan State (I still love it there though). Just waiting on Michigan and UCSB- fingers crossed. Sadly I note that a few UCSB applicants have heard back already, so I guess my chances are slim. Looks like I might be joining you at UCL @cefergus! They have two great MSc programs there I like the look of... though Edinburgh is currently winning for me!
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