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  1. Just curious why not European schools or the EU?
  2. Also to clarify the programs are MIA at SIPA, MAIR at SAIS, MSFS at SFS, and MIA AND MPP at Hertie (got into both, would have to pick one)
  3. Hey all, I'm currently struggling to decide between the 4. Financially got: 25% from every school except SFS which gave me nothing I started a relatively high paying job in tech recently but have always wanted to make the pivot into international econ policy work (but in the private sector) and thought this could be the perfect opportunity... until I saw my financial aid packages. Trying to ask for more money but no luck so far (any advice is greatly appreciated). Hertie is by far the most financially stable option and while I know their standard of education is high, I'm a bit worr
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